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Mike Bombich, the developer of the popular Carbon Copy Cloner application, has discovered a serious flaw in macOS that may cause data loss on APFS-formatted disk images.
Samsung is reportedly looking for new customers after Apple slashed iPhone X production leaving it with excess OLED capacity.
Twitterrific has dropped the price of its Mac app from $19.99 to $7.99 following Twitter's announcement that it is killing the official Twitter for Mac app.
Bose has discounted its SoundSport Free wireless earbuds by $50.
Apple has posted a new video that offers tips on 'How to get the most from HomePod'.
Twitter has officially discontinued its app for Mac.
The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is on sale today for $50 off.
Check out this video attempt at putting the Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo Dot, and Google Home in an infinite loop.
Apple has renewed 'Carpool Karaoke' for a second season.
Apple has posted a new 'Close Your Rings' webpage that promotes living a healthier life with help from the Apple Watch.
iDevices has launched 'Instant Switch', a remote wireless Bluetooth switch that lets you control your iDevices products from anywhere in your home.
The Shazam app, recently acquired by Apple, has been updated with a new song page that features lyric syncing, streamlined results, an all-new track-result menu, faster playlisting, and more.
Following a discovery that the HomePod smart speaker can damage some wood furniture, it appears as though the Sonos One may also leave white marks.
Google has announced an update to the Google Maps app for iOS that offers real time info at the bottom of the home screen.
A new bug has been discovered in Apple's software that reportedly can crash your iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch.
Check out this concept that visualizes what Apple's rumored AR glasses might look like.
Microsoft has released a 'Photos Companion' app for iOS that makes it easy to transfer photos from your iPhone to Windows over Wi-Fi.
The HomePod smart speaker is estimated to cost Apple $216 to build.
Samsung has posted three Galaxy S9 teasers which appear to confirm rumored features for the next generation smartphone.
Apple has responded to news that the HomePod smart speaker can damage some furniture, leaving a white ring where it was placed.
Apple has acknowledged that its new HomePod speaker may leave white rings on the surface of wood furniture.
Apple is reportedly 'working hard' on a rear-facing TrueDepth camera system for future iPhones.
The second generation iPhone X could be equipped with a smaller TrueDepth 3D sensor allowing for a smaller notch.
Apple has posted a new 'Augmented Reality for iOS' webpage that highlights various AR apps that have been made for iOS.
YouTube has announced the addition of new channels to its YouTube TV service.
Apple could sell up to 100 million 6.1-inch LCD iPhones if it launches the rumored device this fall.
The Eufy Genie smart speaker from Anker featuring Amazon Alexa integration is on sale for 43% off today.
Canary has announced that its security cameras now support Amazon Alexa, letting users easily view a video stream on their Echo Show or Echo Spot devices.
Samsung is reportedly planning to copy Animoji, the popular 3D animated character feature found on the iPhone X.
Adobe has announced February 2018 updates to Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Lightroom Classic, and Adobe XD CC.
Apple is expanding its Apple Music student memberships to 82 additional countries.
iFixit has posted a video teardown of the Apple HomePod.
Consumer Reports has published its early test results for the Apple HomePod.
Apple has posted three new videos that highlight its Portrait selfie and Live Photo features.
Google is reportedly planning to update Android to better accommodate smartphone designs that mimic the iPhone X's notch.
Apple MacBook shipments increased 18% in 2017 allowing the company to overtake ASUS in global notebook market share.
Verizon has announced that it will begin carrier locking new smartphones.
Although Apple is shifting its focus to improving the quality of its software, it still has some key features planned for release this fall.
iFixit has posted its teardown of the new Apple HomePod smart speaker.
HomePod is the best sounding smart speaker but 'at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of AI assistant performance'.
Any Mac app can record your screen at any time without your knowledge, according to a new report.
NitoTV has released greeng0blin, a new jailbreak for the Apple TV 4.
VideoLAN has announced the release of VLC 3.0 'Vetinari', a major update to the popular media player.
Apple has discounted its BeatsX earphones, Powerbeats 3 Wireless earphones and Solo3 wireless headphones.
Apple is investigating in incident in which an AirPod allegedly 'blew up' in Tampa, Florida.
Sonos welcomed Apple's HomePod to the market today with a Spotify playlist which contained a hidden message.
Amazon is preparing to launch a delivery service that will directly compete with FedEx and UPS.
AT&T has launched an updated promotion for DirecTV Now, offering a free Apple TV 4K if you prepay for three months of service.
Apple has revealed that it will cost $279 to repair or replace a damaged HomePod.
Apple has posted the HomePod User Guide ahead of the smart speaker's release tomorrow.