MacWorld: Ten Features iOS 4.2 Still Needs

MacWorld: Ten Features iOS 4.2 Still Needs

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A survey of Macworld editors reveals their most-hoped-for features that still aren’t in iOS 4.2.

The List:
● Better notifications
● Improved multitasking
● More Mail features
● Better application data sharing/syncing/access
● iCal to-do syncing
● Wireless syncing
● Dashboard-like functionality
● Streaming your media to iOS devices
● AirPrint
● A hardware orientation-lock switch on the iPad

What features are you still waiting for?

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MacWorld: Ten Features iOS 4.2 Still Needs
IOZ - November 24, 2010 at 1:29pm
Streaming your media to iOS devices ;)
I used to love iPhone - November 24, 2010 at 12:56pm
Yes, this is another iPhone > Android post, but seriously, my HTC Desire (and most android based phones) have: Bluetooth transfer both ways - Check Ability to mount smb file shares - Check Wifi AND Bluetooth syncing - Check Not only run different themes, but has a community full of people creating whole new roms - Check Can upgrade without worrying about firmware - Check Can NATIVELY access files on my phone, move/add/remove/copy songs/videos/pictures etc - CHECK CHECK! Can play FLAC audio files - CHECK!!! I understand the fact that a lot of people love their iPhone for it\'s beautiful design, ease of use and what not, but if you can get passed this (like I did), the android platform is just too good to pass up. My only criticism is the Android store... it has a great selection of apps AND GAMES but the layout sucks. I\'m waiting for the day that someone gets a decent usable version of the Android firmware running on IP4 and iPad... because as of now, those 2 just sit on my desk gathering dust. ps: this was sent from my MacBook Pro running Fedora Linux :D
iceblu121 - November 24, 2010 at 11:56am
hasnt anyone learned apple hardly listens to the real things we want for our software upgrades. they add what would benifit them like airprint and all that now they can start making printers and speakers that will take advantage of airplay. when u think abiout it the iphone is behind always will be sadly because apple just simply sucks! android will get better and take over with tons more options im sure in a few years it will dominate and thats apples own fault.i myself have been wanting a update to be able to resize your pics u send in a MMS like we have when we send a email . it takes to damn long to send a full size pic.why couldnt apple add this simply feature. cause they HALF ASS EVERYTHING! iphone white! never came out by the time it does the next iphone will be out lol. i think this will be my last year with apple the android is looking better the only thing i dont like is they dont have nearly as many apps and also the retina display thats about all tho. next iphone i hope will have a 4.3 screen with higher res to accomidate the screen a better camera .and how about a nice homescreen with live streaming info like MOTOBLUR but diffrent
vinod - November 24, 2010 at 11:26am
most important bluetooth transfer..... cos is shameful when someon ask a 800dollar phone dont have blue tooth..... thats really shame..... dont u guys think so otherwise apple iphones rocks... no doubt with it... even with this they lead....
iceblu121 - November 24, 2010 at 10:18am
i am waiting for which probably will never come out! when sending a picture MMS a resize pic feature giving u small medium and original size that way if u dont wanna send a full size pic which takes 2 min to send in a mms message u can select small or medium size which would be smaller in size this feature is available for MAIL when it is more needed in a mms type program
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