Apple Engineers Are Contacting iPhone 4S Owners With Battery Issues

Apple Engineers Are Contacting iPhone 4S Owners With Battery Issues

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Apple engineers are reportedly contacting iPhone 4S owners to solve battery life issues with the new device, reports the Guardian.

One owner who was contacted by Apple told the Guardian: "My battery life was extremely poor - 10% drop in standby every hour. I noticed that the usage figure was roughly half that of standby, even when the phone was not being used, so I assumed something was crashing or running in the background. I switched off all the new features including Siri and location services, but it was still really poor. I also tried setting up a clean phone with no apps but it is still really poor.

"I then got a call from a senior [Apple] engineer who said he had read my post and was 'reaching out' to users for data and admitted this was an issue (and that they aren't close to finding a fix!) and asked lots of questions about my usage and then asked if he could install the file below and that he would call back the day after to retrieve the info. I extracted the file from my Mac after a sync and emailed it to him. He was incredibly helpful and apologetic in the typical Apple way!"

We received reports for other users who are having battery life issues as well. Let us know if you've got the same problems and what if anything has helped alleviate the issue.

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Apple Engineers Are Contacting iPhone 4S Owners With Battery Issues
Mr yogi - October 30, 2011 at 7:08pm
This needs a class action I want a refund!
Mackan1 - October 30, 2011 at 10:33am
Well I think I might have it charged my phone at 3am(had been on charge for 5h) unplugged it and whent to bed. Got up this morning at 10:30am to find my battery at 42%. I will test this out again to night to check that I did not have anything running in the background. As I seen I had mobank open this morning.
M_thoroughbred - October 30, 2011 at 12:46am
I'm no expert but the problem may lie in iCloud service. The reason that I think is cause you have Siri , photoshare, and iCloud which means that the phone is constantly or periodically retrieving information from the servers even when the phone is asleep. And the duo core processor doesn't help either. I use to use google sync for my contacts before iCloud was released and noticed a dramatic change in battery consumption on my iPhone 4. Remember that your contacts along with your email, notes, and reminders now use iCloud to save and backup data automatically. Like I said I'm no expert and maybe is not the cause but it could be a possibility.
iPhone 4 user Bahamas - October 29, 2011 at 5:39pm
I noticed the drain after updating iPhone 4 to iOS 5... It got 10x better when I went to location services and turned off everything except cell network search in system services (scroll all the way down) and I changed my not so important accounts in mail to fetch manually or every hour and go to iCloud and turn off use cellular data in documents & data.. restart and you should see a big difference. let me know
Tom - October 29, 2011 at 5:27pm
Its from the iOS itself causing the drainage of battery. I remember on the first iPhone when I bought it, it was on 1.1.4 I never had battery issue at all I mean it was so good I would charge it once a week then I upgraded it to 3.1.2 I think or 3.0 and noticed I was charging it twice a week and so on..... Now I'm on iPhone 4 and I have to charge almost twice a day!!!!
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