Apple to Buy Israeli Flash Storage Company Anobit?

Apple to Buy Israeli Flash Storage Company Anobit?

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Apple is reportedly preparing to buy Israeli flash storage company Anobit, according to a Calcalist (Hebrew) report, notes BusinessInsider.

In the last 20 years, Apple has only purchased four hardware companies: Raycer Graphics, Instrinsity, PA Semi, and Steve Jobs' NeXT. However, according to the report, Apple is set to buy Anobit for $400-500 million. The Israel-based flash storage company makes products used in several Apple products including the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air.

"Apparently, Apple is interested in acquiring this ability to increase the amount of memory on any device and to improve the reliability of memory. For example, the chip will allow a combination of flash memory drive double volume iPad devices cost the same or new MacBook models. Apple's plans for the future of Anovit, currently employs about 200 workers Herzliya, not yet known. Estimates are that Apple will continue to employ workers in Israel, and may have even set up a local development center that would raise more workers" (Google Translation).

The site also notes that Anobit has a collection of 95 patents which adds to its appeal.

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Apple to Buy Israeli Flash Storage Company Anobit?
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