RIM Says It Will Squash Jailbreaks Just Like Apple Does

RIM Says It Will Squash Jailbreaks Just Like Apple Does

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RIM has announced its stance on jailbreaking BlackBerry products and declared that it will quickly squash any jailbreak methods that arise.

On hearing reports of a jailbreak for a BlackBerry product, the BBSIRT will quickly triage the underlying issue and method used to perform the jailbreak. If it falls into the first category, where extensive user interaction is required, we will seek to address it in a future software update. If it falls into the second category (where a vulnerability is exposed with little to no user interaction), that is an indication of a more serious underlying issue and will most likely result in the release of a security update to address it as soon as possible. When this happens, my team publishes a security advisory or notice. These notifications typically offer an assessment of the issue and the required steps customers should take to resolve the vulnerability.

To be clear, RIM recommends against installing any jailbreaking tool. Customers who use a jailbreaking tool on BlackBerry products void the manufacturer warranty and also increase the long-term risk of negatively impacting the stability and user experience of their BlackBerry products. Use of a jailbreaking tool could also amplify the impact and severity of a future security issue, making your personal data more vulnerable to theft and more difficult to protect. If new jailbreaks for BlackBerry products are reported, rest assured that we will evaluate them and take appropriate action to help protect customers.

As company that's sinking, perhaps following Microsoft's lead might be a better way to deal with jailbreaks.

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RIM Says It Will Squash Jailbreaks Just Like Apple Does
unklbyl - March 23, 2012 at 8:12pm
A blackberry jailbreak is as defined: "A feeble attempt by a weak company to stay in the news and gossip world" bill
Blackjesus - March 22, 2012 at 5:18pm
WHAT THE FUCK is a Blackberry Jailbreak?
unklbyl - March 22, 2012 at 9:34am
Umm, hate to break the news to you, but apple does NOT squash jailbreaks. They copy the code and install it as default software two phones later. The JB community has put more time and effort into this than RIM has. By the way, the US Army is not issuing blackberries anymore. Software is a headache hardware problems... If i were a stock holder, i would sell... Bill
Boywonda - March 22, 2012 at 2:47am
LMFAO....WHAAAAAAT? RIM is still in business?? Who the fuck still has a blackberry? Users don't need emails right away anymore, and if they do....you better damn believe they have found ways to get this WITHOUT using a blackberry. iOS and Android have taken over, plain and simple. RIM should go talk to Microsoft and see how they enjoy the sour grapes.
Matrixmaniac - March 21, 2012 at 4:15pm
RIM will have total success with that simply because you really really can not jailbreak a device that you never would buy, steal or accept as a gift.... ROFL
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