Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview is Now Available in iTunes

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview is Now Available in iTunes

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Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview is now available to rent via iTunes.

Candid, controversial and funny…the original and unedited interview with Steve Jobs, conducted by tech journalist and former Apple Inc. employee Robert X. Cringely, from 1995 when Steve Jobs was still CEO of NeXT Computer and Pixar.

Robert Cringely was employee number 12 at Apple and host of "Triumph of the Nerds". He describes finding the tape:

"This is from my documentary series called 'Triumph of the Nerds' made in 1995. We interviewed 125 Silicon Valley luminaries including Steve Jobs for that three hour series which has been seen in sixty countries. We only used nine minutes out of the sixty nine minute Jobs interview and then all of the master tapes were lost. Until, Steve Jobs died on October 5th and the director said, 'I think I kept a copy of that Jobs interview. Let's go look for it' - in his garage."

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