Steve Jobs Featured on the August Cover of Wired Magazine

Steve Jobs Featured on the August Cover of Wired Magazine

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Steve Jobs is being featured on the August cover of Wired Magazine, reports Business Insider. The cover story is entitled 'Am I Steve Jobs' and aims to pull lessons from his management style that current entrepreneurs might learn from.

The story mostly borrows anecdotes from Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs and colors them with interviews from today's business and tech leaders. Some interviewed adhere to Jobs' philosophy of being crude, indignant, etc. Others don't.

Take a look at the cover below...

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Steve Jobs Featured on the August Cover of Wired Magazine
Russell - July 23, 2012 at 4:32am
Ask apple employees how they feel about his "No poach agreements", customers about his "Just don't hold it that way" or why the prices of e-books went up after apple entered the market. I can go on.
AppleCider - July 22, 2012 at 10:53pm
There are two tales of S.J, one before the exile and one after. Most users of current generation know only of the cool-looking devices that are also first-grade in quality. But the Apple products of the first-era S.J were cute, childish, and not much else. Those cute Macs were super expensive, nearly impossible to fit in large networks because of their cumbersome stacks. Yet S.J managed to build a zealous cult of followers in desktop publishing due the magnificent GUI. This alone revolutionized the print industry that people rarely know. It also made Adobe what it is today. But Jobs was so bent on being different, from choosing a processor and the underlining language on which the OS was built. The result was 2% market share , and the his eventual exile. During his exile, he learned quite a bit about the nuts and bolts of OS and marketing, such as making computer animated movies that adults actually love to see, and choosing Unix as the foundation for his Mac operating system. I have to stress the importance of Unix here. By choosing it to build on, S.J got the collective brain power of nearly all the universities that no company could ever match. The proof of that is the success of Mac OS X and iOS. The second lesson for him was never to put all the eggs in 1 basket. He secretly explored the viabilities of other CPUs to see if they could be adopted to run on his hardware. History was made when he announced that all Macs will be running Intel chips shortly after taking the rein. If he hadn't been ousted by the board and continued blindly on the kiddy platform of the earlier Macs, he would have died an unhappy man, never to realize his dream of showing people how computing could have been done his way. I will not even be surprised in a few years Apple will start fitting their Macs with own CPUs that are based on ARM architecture. If this turns out to be the case, Intel will sink, and Apple empire will grow bigger. Google will vanish because people will hack iOS to put it on their smart phones.
Apple - July 22, 2012 at 9:55pm
if he was a messiah why he didn't save himself? and if he changed the world why he didn't cure himself? or all those that suffer the same sickness or any other illness, not even all his fortune could cure him and wherever he went he couldn't take a Mac neither an iPhone neither an iPad neither his millions, did he? I mean all that and still he couldn't find a cure and live forever or like at least live longer??? that's so sad, what a good lesson for me personally...
EduMaster - July 22, 2012 at 5:59pm
He was the man who change our world!!! And that's all that we need to know.
Samsung=Shiite - July 22, 2012 at 6:16pm
I hear you buddy! And why was he a jerk and tyrant ? He is the second messiah!
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