Apple Has Licensed Design Patents to Microsoft, Agreement Prohibits 'Cloning'

Apple Has Licensed Design Patents to Microsoft, Agreement Prohibits 'Cloning'

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Apple has licensed its patents to Microsoft but the agreement prohibits 'cloning', reports Reuters.

The news was revealed by Apple patent licensing director Boris Teksler as part of his testimony in the Apple vs. Samsung trial.

Apple's decision to license its design patents to Microsoft was consistent with its corporate strategy, Teksler said, because the agreement prohibited Microsoft from manufacturing copies.

"There was no right with respect to these design patents to build clones of any type," Teksler said.

Teksler also noted that the patents for their "unique user experience" were a highly protected category and he could count "on one hand" the instances those patents had been licensed.

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Apple Has Licensed Design Patents to Microsoft, Agreement Prohibits 'Cloning'
Russell - August 14, 2012 at 3:16am
Accountant Terry Musika, citing Samsung records and testifying as an Apple expert witness, estimated that $8.16 billion in revenue, or 22.7 million of those total unit sales over that two-year period, came from products that infringed Apple patents, such as the first Galaxy S smartphone in July 2010. "It's not me sitting at a desk with a calculator," Musika, a former KPMG and PriceWaterhouseCoopers accounting partner, told the court. "There are literally hundreds of millions of calculations," he said, adding that it took more than $1.75 million to employ a team of 20 programmers, accountants, statisticians and economists to work out damages over a plethora of gadgets. But Samsung argued that Apple, which was struggling to keep up with demand for the iPhone 4 from July to October of 2010, did not have the capacity to have delivered on those additional sales. "Apple couldn't service its own customers with the iPhone 4, but it could service customers it didn't have?" Samsung attorney Bill Price asked Musika.
Ariel Sharun - August 13, 2012 at 8:31pm
Maybe Samsung should have done such a deal..,