aTV Flash 2.0 Released for the Apple TV

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FireCore has announced the release of aTV Flash (black) 2.0 for the second generation Apple TV.

The update is free for all current users. Here's some of the new features...

Browse by category
The new Library View will now index all your media (even if stored on multiple devices) and automatically organize movies, TV shows and music into easy to use categories such as: genre, release date, star rating, age rating and others. TV shows will also be group by series/season automatically so there's no more worrying about keeping your folders perfectly organized.

While we think this is a great new way to browse and enjoy your media, the original file/folder based browsing will remain intact and working as an alternative option.

Fully integrated search
Sometimes you know what you want to watch, and don't want to browse. With our new integrated search you can do just that. This powerful search tool allows you to search by movie, TV series/episode, song, artist, album or filename. Just start typing and the results will start being displayed instantly.

Keep it all in sync
Also new for 2.0 is syncing. This is a great feature if you're trying to keep multiple Apple TVs in sync, as if you watch a movie on the first device it will also appear as watched on the 2nd. Additionally, if you manually mark a movie or show as watched on, it will automatically get marked as watched on the Apple TV. In a similar fashion, scrobbling allows you track music plays in your profile.

Full changelog
● Added all-new Library View
● Added integrated media search
● Added 2-way syncing
● Added scrobbling
● Added genre/artist based playlists
● Added Recently Added display option
● Improved handling of WTV files
● Improved handling of DVD audio tracks
● Improved AFP connections
● Improved filename recognition
● Improved subtitle handling
● Resolved various navigation issues
● Resolved rare DVD playback issues
● Resolved rare subtitles positioning issue
● Many other minor improvements and fixes

You can purchase aTV Flash 2.0 from the link below for $29.95. You can find instructions on how to jailbreak your Apple TV here.

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Yo - September 12, 2012 at 2:31am
Atv 2 is the best ! Do not wait I should of bought 5 when they were 99 jailbrocken and the right sources u cant go wrong
schneideris - September 12, 2012 at 1:43am
And yet no AT3 version. Any attempts to get a refund based on the lack of any success simply gets the common line "we are close" or "coming soon". The easy hacks of V2 does not work on V3 and it is about time that FireCore refund those of us who did a purchase based on their claims. Buyer beware.
Lohlky - September 11, 2012 at 11:59pm
I bought an Apple TV3 took back.I bought one on ebay for $150.. When the AppleTV3 gets a jailbroken Ill buy it 2.$99 I can afford that!! Get yourself will love it
Cimmaa - September 11, 2012 at 10:30pm
I'm waiting for a apple tv 3rd gen to jailbreak but i think there is no luck for me, should i buy apple tv 2nd gen or should i wait a couple of days maybe they gonna release something soon...?????
Cimmaa - September 11, 2012 at 10:29pm
I'm waiting for a apple tv 3rd gen to jailbreak but i think there is no luck for me, should i buy apple tv 2nd gen or should i wait a couple of days maybe they gonna release something...?????
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