iPhone 5 Bill of Materials Estimated at $167.50

iPhone 5 Bill of Materials Estimated at $167.50

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UBM TechInsights has released an early Bill of Materials estimate for the new iPhone 5.

The company puts components at the following prices:
● Display: $18
● Touchscreen: $7.50
● Battery: $3
● Camera: $10
● Wi-Fi/BT/GPS: $4
● NAND: $9
● SDRAM: $4
● Processor: $28
● BB+XCR: $25
● Non-Electronic: $17
● Other: $38
● Supporting Materials: $4

The total comes to $167.50 for the 16GB iPhone 5. Apple is selling the device for $649 in the U.S.

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iPhone 5 Bill of Materials Estimated at $167.50
Yips - September 15, 2012 at 12:27pm
Thats processors are wrong A4 and A5 for iPhone 5?.... it is not correct.
Nitro Junkie - September 18, 2012 at 3:36am
Look at it again. The parts breakdown at the bottom is for the 4,4S and 5. The 5 has the A6. 4 has A4 and the 4S A5.
Steve - September 15, 2012 at 8:31am
So funny for android fan....always complaint apple no good or say apple product no good but apple use cheap material so what ? Designer's fee no need to pay ? :( , since you get those material then you set it by yourself if you are so clever. Haha....
Nitro Junkie - September 15, 2012 at 7:22am
Its funny how these companies who build these so called "high end" "flagship" android phones ,that they release every 3-6 months, charge the same price for their phones but use cheaper materials. And people say apple is greedy for charging what they do. Atleast Apple puts time, effort, and quality into designing and building their phones and products. And gives us free updates that are even supported on 3 year old phones. Look at the big picture you android fans. Those companies don't give a shit about you. They care about the all mighty dollar too. Every company does. You buy their phones which they say is the next big thing, get promised OS updates that you rarely get, and if you do it's 6-8 months after your phone came out. And most of the time they lock your phone up so you can't root and update it yourself. And if try too, most of the time it becomes a useless brick. Then they tell you tough luck you have to buy a new one. So Then 3-6 months after you paid top dollar for your "Flag ship" phone they release a new one with the new OS updates. So if you want the new OS updates you have to buy the new phone, or hope and pray your current phone gets it. Who's the brainwashed sheep now?
Justabrake - September 14, 2012 at 9:24pm
Lightning connector $29.00 tax LOL
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