Americans Have Spent $5.9 Billion on Damaged iPhones [Infographic]

Americans Have Spent $5.9 Billion on Damaged iPhones [Infographic]

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SquareTrade today released a new study showing that damaged iPhones have cost Americans $5.9 billion since their introduction in 2007.

Surveying more than 2,000 iPhone users, the sum combines the cost of repairs, replacements and insurance deductibles for cracked, dropped, pummeled, kicked, and water-damaged iPhones. The study also found that in the last 12 months alone, 30% of iPhone users damaged their device.

As iPhones become an increasingly central part of our daily lives, accidental damage is 10 times more common than loss or theft. The study also shows that younger consumers are clumsiest with their iPhones: one in two iPhone owners under 35 have had an accident.

The top five iPhone accident scenarios according to the study are:
1. Phone dropped from my hand
2. Phone fell into a toilet, a swimming pool or a lake
3. Phone dropped from lap
4. Phone knocked off a table
5. Phone drenched by some liquid

"Today's devices are racing to be thinner and lighter, with little regard to durability. And yet our lifestyles make them more vulnerable than ever to accidents," commented Ty Shay, CMO at SquareTrade. "We were astonished at how many people drop their phones in the toilet as well as how frequently an innocuous drop from the hand actually killed the device. We look forward to seeing what the new iPhone 5 users report with regard to durability."

Notably, many consumers resort to "desperate" measures to still use their damaged iPhones. For example, 11% of iPhone owners are currently walking around with a device that is cracked and 6% have taped up their iPhone as a solution.

Take a look at the infographic below...

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Americans Have Spent $5.9 Billion on Damaged iPhones [Infographic]
Waleesa - September 20, 2012 at 2:41am
Only Apple still makes smartphones that break easily. For two year now, Nokia, Samsung, LG and HTC all use Gorilla Glass. Watch this test.
NoGoodNick - September 18, 2012 at 9:07pm
That's true for ALL smartphones. Why pick on iPhones, other than you get more airplay by doing so? Most studies show the iPhone screens are more reliable than was previous feared with their all glass screens.