Which Tablet Has the Longest Battery Life? [Infographic]

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Which.co.uk has published two infographics comparing the battery life of 10-inch and 7-inch tablets.

Each time we test a tablet we check the battery life for web browsing over wi-fi, over 3G (if relevant) and for video playback. To keep the tests fair we set the screen brightness to 200 nits (a reasonable daytime brightness level) using a light meter to ensure no tablet has an unfair advantage by using a low default brightness setting. We also test how long the battery takes to fully recharge.

As you can see in the graphics below, Apple wins both categories hands down. The Apple iPad with Retina latest for 811 compared to 590 for the iPad 2 and 532 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

The iPad mini also topped its category lasting for 783 compared to 591 for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and 550 for the Nexus 7.

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Jenny Jones - December 8, 2012 at 3:41am
It's nice to see that the Galaxy is on the list because I'm absolutely in LOVE with this thing! It's easy to use so I didn't have to go searching the internet for tutorials. Here's the one I have on Amazon http://bit.ly/UD0r1e. If you're looking to get a tablet I'd recommend the Galaxy over the other tablets, it really blows them away. :)
Tiestofan - December 7, 2012 at 3:06pm
@buster cherry, a 10" tablet VS another 10" tablet is not the same as a big tank VS. a small tank. They are the same size tablet then put the same size battery and keep up! You would think they put the best in it as they could and I'm sure they did and still can't hang! No one can hang with the iPad PERIOD!
kasim - December 7, 2012 at 9:28am
i have samsung tab note and apple 4 iPad .really ipad 4 battery last very long.
SHERRY K - May 29, 2013 at 9:34pm
kasim, Are you saying you have an apple ipod, or ipad 4th generation and the battery last a longtime???? It is just hard for me to believe that? Just asking. Because I bought an Apple ipod 4th generation just to watch music videos and listen to music! The ipod playing music only! Will only last 4 hours. Watching music videos is out of the question!! I can set and watch it suck the battery juice out while the video is playing. I have googled ipod 4th generation touch batterys! And all I see is complaint after complaint!! Apple trys to tell me my ipod which I bought an extended warranty from that there is nothing wrong with the ipod. But they sent me a Mophie to add more listening time. It is bulky, akward and it has to be charged up too. I would much rather I had not bought an Apple. If their is something out there that has really good battery's in it ! Can anyone help with this matter/ If so Thank-You so much!! Sherry
Tiestofan - December 7, 2012 at 3:49am
I still can't get over the playbook comment! I can only assume the comment was made by a robot and not a human. iPad owns the tablet market hands down.
aikjones - December 7, 2012 at 3:32am
i can agree with the ipad with retina display, Battery jst refuses to die
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