Analyst Predicts iPhone 5S in June With Super HD Camera, NFC, 128GB, 6-8 Colors

Analyst Predicts iPhone 5S in June With Super HD Camera, NFC, 128GB, 6-8 Colors

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In an investors note this morning, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek says Apple is planning to release the iPhone 5S in June of 2013, reports Business Insider.

Misek is predicting the iPhone 5S has a new "super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC," and "possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+, 128GB storage." He's also predicting it comes in 6-8 colors, presumably similar to the iPod Touch which comes in a bunch of colors.

Apple has released its last two iPhone models in the fall; however, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 did come out mid-year.

Misek's report appears to corroborate another from DigiTimes which said the iPhone 5S will enter volume production in the first quarter of 2013.

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Analyst Predicts iPhone 5S in June With Super HD Camera, NFC, 128GB, 6-8 Colors
b. - December 12, 2012 at 9:05am
i predict an iphone 8 in the next 3-6 years .. it will be an improvement over all iphones released before.. "analysts" - why does iclarified even publish something like this?
Justabrake - December 11, 2012 at 2:50pm
Why is all this shit being leaked
noway pricy - December 11, 2012 at 12:00pm
When iPhone 1. Came it was innovation something new and latest on market but after that they got greedy and did not follow their own path. With very little updates on hardwere base and few tweak and new future on old iOS dose not count as innovation more like putting mackup on old lady to make it more beautiful.. Its time they should follow their innovation path and include latest hardwere and software combine innovation and change world or be greedy and fall on ass and let android fuck u all over! Because android not just changing way smartphone to be more smarter but more powerful too! Take it as hardware they have proxeaaore that we had in PC 5 yr ago ram and not just that software is improving lot! Google now! Saves lot of time reply text email and comment from just notifications saves time! Rather then opening app and replay. Multi task is key that apple still not good at on their phone unless jailbrokem.
Ali - December 11, 2012 at 8:18am
this company is shit , super hd screen super camera then they might add " bluetooth file obex" wtf ? these things should be added already in iphone 5 , why not iphone 5 already have 10 mp camera with HD ? instead they gave customers crappy pinky 8 mp camera . why not they give customers what they want ? take a look at meizu or xoom or what ever , its a chinese company putting all the best hardware in their phones and they are sold out million phone in 2 hours or something like that , anyway i'm in mobile business for 10 years now and i can see apple policy is shit , but they are following nokia steps in their way of business , and they will dominate for some long time as nokia did .
kamatits - May 20, 2014 at 3:50pm
You're shit, how about being so efficient on memory and not act like ljmpia crap? It's like begging for something they work without. It's called alternate ways, not forcing every bit in a fcking phone, what about lowligjt, color and sharpness of the picture?
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