CEO of Brightcove Details His Vision for an Apple Television

CEO of Brightcove Details His Vision for an Apple Television

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Jeremy Allaire, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Brightcove, details his vision for an Apple Television in an extensive post on AllThingsD.

Key to his concept is apps and games, integration with other Apple devices, and an amazing interface that interface with broadcast TV and online video.

What will the new Apple TV be?
The new Apple TV will be defined by three key values for consumers:
● The best way to consume broadcast TV and any online video. A seamless touch- and TV-based interface makes it simple to consume your existing cable and broadcast content, including video-on-demand (VOD) libraries and DVR features. Via iTunes, you also get instant access to mega-libraries and subscriptions from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, not to mention YouTube. Naturally, you can also access any AirPlay-enabled videos on the Web, as well as TV apps updated with the new iOS 7 SDK.
● The ultimate game console. The new Apple TV will be a direct assault on the game console industry, with a living room platform that should leave Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony running scared. With a single launch, Apple will extend the iOS gaming distribution ecosystem into the living room and invent new categories of gaming through the interaction of iOS devices with Apple TV.
● The best way to experience all of your apps. Crucially, the new Apple TV will extend nearly every existing iOS app into being a TV app that brings the power and richness of large display surfaces to consumer computing — a task that nearly every industry titan has attempted and failed. The combination of touch and TV will ignite a new era in dual-screen software application design and development in which it will become hard to believe that Internet software was once based solely on PCs, phones and tablets.

Allaire follows this up with much detail including the mockups that can be seen below. He suggests that Apple will release a new set top box in addition to an actual television. The television would come in 46" and 60" models with a solid glass front and aluminum back and have stand and rear mounting options. It would feature 3TB of storage and likely sport a 4K display.

If you're interested in dreaming about what could soon be, the full article is linked below...

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CEO of Brightcove Details His Vision for an Apple Television

CEO of Brightcove Details His Vision for an Apple Television
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