The Free Press Wants to Know 'What Do You Think of AT&T?'

The Free Press Wants to Know 'What Do You Think of AT&T?'

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The FreePress has posted a page where customers can complain about AT&T in hopes that the company will reverse its decision to disregard Net Neutrality.

AT&T is still blocking FaceTime and violating Net Neutrality. And it wants to get rid of any rules that protect our freedom to connect. What Do YOU Think of AT&T?

This follows a recent announcement from the company that they would allow FaceTime calls over cellular for all tiered data plans but would not allow customers on their unlimited plan to use FaceTime over cellular.

The page has already received over 12 thousand comments. We've yet to find a positive one.

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The Free Press Wants to Know 'What Do You Think of AT&T?'
Angel - January 23, 2013 at 12:46pm
AT&T CUSTOMER You have allowed us to be grandfathered in to the unlimited data. Most of us have been loyal customers since first iphone. it very difficult to be a happy customer by limiting our access to many of our phones i have 3 lines. Two iPhones and one regular cellphone. In the main line wish is mine is granfathered data. i hardly use or pass the 2 gigs and my wife. Wish is 2 gigs a month. She hardly use 600 mbs. and I still am not allowed to use facetime or create a mobile hotspot when I need. We are the ones that paid the money from the beginning to help build these networks and now all you are doing is punishing us for that. This is just not good business and as a young cell phone user that will be paying for decades to come you could potentially be paying since 1997 till this date $12,000 ...besides if LTE data is cap 5 gigs. Where is the data I don't use. You charge extra to people on limited data if the pass their plan. How came. We don't get rollover data like minutes we don't use. Now you said you don't allow. FaceTime on unlimited data. Because network congestion. And need to change plan. Will that help to fix the network congestion. Or will help your budget to increase. Now one more thing. Tether is not allow. Unless we pay extra. And in some data plans. But we can tether with a nine build in app. Other words FaceTime is native app. You said that is the reason. It's not allow as well tether is. But you still not allow tether from a third app. And apple is not making face time. A separate app. From native to in app buy. But tether. There are some app that you can use to tether. But still you don't allow it.
iPad guy - January 23, 2013 at 7:02am
What do I think of AT&T? Ok F U cK THEM!
Clue - January 23, 2013 at 4:16am
AT&T does some of the most ridiculous things when it comes to data. If it wasn't for the unlimited data I have from being grandfathered in (even though they throttle my speeds down to crap) then I would have left a long time ago. Not only do they use 4G hspa and try to pass it off as Lte around here but not letting us use FaceTime over cellular when everyone else does just goes to show that they really don't give a sh*t about their customers. AT&T... getcha mind right!
Knute - January 22, 2013 at 2:04am
I'm crazy, by the way. (Split personality)
Rockne1865 - January 22, 2013 at 1:44am
I jailbreak to use all of my phone not to steal APPs I pay for any Apps I keep I don't want my phone hobbled! We need a law that the manufacture must provide a jailbreak for anyone that wants it! We also need a law that forces ALL telecoms to provide unlimited Data to any customer who wants it! The America people will be at a disadvantage if we have tiered Internet because only the wealthy will have access to knowledge! I am grandfathered but AT&T throttles me so badly that I have a hard time streaming the News, Hulu & educational videos! Data use is going increase as more uses for telecommunications & the Internet & these greedy corporations are going to cause long term harm to America all in the name of greed they already make more money the anyone in history! They need to read the story of the golden goose!
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