Evernote for Mac is Updated With Numerous Improvements

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Evernote for Mac has been updated with numerous improvements including synced shortcuts, scoped searches, and more.

Evernote helps millions worldwide remember anything and everything that happens in their lives. Use Evernote to take notes, save interesting web pages, create to-dos and shopping lists, attach images and PDFs, and so much more. Then, watch as it all instantly synchronizes from your Mac to your smartphone, tablet and the Web, allowing you to find your memories at any time from anywhere.

Key features of Evernote:
● Create text, web-clips and PDF notes
● Auto-synchronize notes among every computer and phone you use
● Evernote magically makes printed and handwritten text within images searchable
● Share your notebooks with friends and colleagues
● Easily upgrade to Evernote Premium using Mac In-App Purchase

What's New In This Version:
- Shortcuts are synced with your Evernote account
- Searches can be scoped to "My Notes" which excludes shared Notes
- Business users can scope searches to "Personal Notes" or "Business Notes"
- Notes clipped using Evernote Clearly are beautifully styled
- AppleScript can create checkboxes in ENML
- In Expanded Card View, pressing Return opens Notes
- New button to jump to a Note's Notebook from the Note Editor
- Command-click to multi-select Tags in the Sidebar

Other improvements
- Large accounts sync much more reliably
- Tags from Joined Notebooks now appear correctly
- Corrected image and link pasting issues
- PDF printing is more reliable
- Fixed Snow Leopard Sidebar visual glitches
- Fixed crash when taking screenshots
- Korean image indexing is greatly improved
- Reduced CPU/memory usage
- Fixes to Saved Searches
- Various fixes for Evernote Business
- Improved handling of Tags in AppleScript

You can download Evernote from the App Store for free.

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