Apple Patents Microslot Antennas for Electronic Devices

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Apple has patented 'Microslot Antennas for Electronic Devices' which may be narrow enough that they are not readily noticeable to the naked eye.

Apple notes that manufacturers are continually striving to reduce the size of components that are used in these devices. For example, manufacturers have made attempts to miniaturize the antennas used in portable electronic devices. In an attempt to provide improved antennas for electronic devices the company details what it calls 'Microslot Antennas'.

The microslot antennas may have dielectric-filled openings that are formed in a ground plane element. The dielectric-filled openings may be filled with air, plastic, epoxy, or other dielectrics. The dielectric-filled openings may form microslots having relatively narrow widths. As an example, microslots may be used for the microslot antennas that have widths that are so narrow that the microslots are invisible to the naked eye.

The ground plane element may be formed from a conductor on a printed circuit board or other suitable conductive structure. With one suitable arrangement, the ground plane element may be formed from a conductive housing for an electronic device. The electronic device may be a portable electronic device such as a portable computer or a handheld electronic device. By forming the microslots of the microslot antenna within the housing of the device, the need for potentially unsightly dielectric antenna covers and external antenna arrangements can be eliminated.

The microslots may have lengths that allow a microslot antenna to provide antenna coverage in one or more communications bands. In a dual-band configuration, a first group of the microslots may be used to provide coverage in a first communications band and a second group of the microslots may be used to provide coverage in a second communications band.

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