Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 8.0 to Rival iPad Mini

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 8.0 to Rival iPad Mini

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Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 8.0, an 8-inch tablet to rival the iPad mini.

Providing unrivalled multimedia performance within a compact one-hand-grip screen, the GALAXY Note 8.0 has the power and advanced technology to evolve the tablet experience and ensure you achieve new levels of efficient multi-tasking while benefitting from superb voice call functionality*. Furthermore, the intelligent S Pen brings together the latest innovation and the ease of using a traditional pen and paper; creating a sophisticated mobile experience that will enhance life on the go.

The tablet measures 210.8mm x 135.9mm x 7.95mm and its display resolution is 1280x800 resulting in a 189ppi pixel density. Powered by an Exynos 4 Quad processor clocked at 1.6GHz, the Galaxy Note 8.0 has 2GB of RAM, up to 32GB of internal storage, and microSD storage expansion. The Note will ship with Android 4.1.2 some time in Q2 2013.

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 8.0 to Rival iPad Mini

● Reading Mode With S Pen
Indulge yourself with a good book in any environment with Reading Mode that reads just like paper. By optimizing the gorgeous screen to provide perfect illumination and tone, it delivers a comfortable reading experience in all lighting conditions. And with the ability to annotate directly with the S pen, all on a size made easy to hold, reading has never been more enjoyable, even on the go.

● Multitasking During Calls
Give your mobile lifestyle a boost with simultaneous calls and Multi Windows. Jot down notes, look up directions, check email, search – all the things you need to do during a call at once,all without switching apps. Reposition,expand to full screen, or close any window immediately with smart buttons that adapt to the position of the S Pen for a truly integrated experience.

● S Pen
The S Pen is no ordinary tool. Use it to tap the hard keys for an even more extensive navigation than before. Air View lets you to take a peek at any file just by hovering over it. Clipping gets done swiftly with an expert’s precision, and Quick Command helps you easily find what you’re looking for. Frankly, you’ll be left wondering how you lived without it.

● S Planner
Life is full of important events and memorable moments – capture them all effortlessly with S Planner. Handwrite events and notes directly in your calendar, or scribble your thoughts down with the natural feel of a pen. You can even decorate handwritten messages and share them with friends and family.

● S Note
You’re full of great ideas – S Note transforms them, beautifully refined. Easily create stunning presentations with template enhancements that help your ideas stand out from the rest.

● Tools of Expression
Get your creative juices flowing with the perfect tools for the modern artist. With Paper Artist, reach a whole new level of artistic expression with beautiful brushes to create stunning drawings, paintings, and illustrations. With Photo Note, scribble memories on the back of your digital photos with S Pen, for that personalized touch of old photographs. And with easy sharing capabilities built-in, your friends and family can enjoy your latest creations instantly.

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Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 8.0 to Rival iPad Mini
iPad guy - February 25, 2013 at 11:11pm
I like this finally it actually has calling functionality so u can use it as a cell phone wonderful I will buy it but the resolution is a no sale no way I'm buying something that doesn't have retina screen I mean really I would think Google is doing this they put in there other stuff right? Well anyway all I want is a cheaper price than Apple iPad but with a retina screen, calling functionality, in something I can hold in one and that's it, is that so much to ask? well this looks like it but not quite yet well I'll check it out further... Okay to say it simpler I want an iPad 3 iPad 4 with calling functionality but in a size I can hold in one hand That's cheaper than an iPad.
someguy69 - February 26, 2013 at 6:08pm
You can't compare the Note 8 to an iPad.
balij - February 25, 2013 at 12:55pm
Big Question is that , Can Galaxy Note 8.0 Deliver? What will be its Price? The upside , Downside, Outlook and some beautiful Pictures of Galaxy Note 8.0 is at
6italia0 - February 24, 2013 at 11:34pm
Omg, this is hilarious I can't wait to actually see some retard with one of these, it would make my day because I would not be able to stop laughing. All this is is a shitty gs3 monster sized with the same cheap plastic build and an extremely dim amoled display which is only 1/2 the max brightness of a retina display at max brightness
someguy69 - February 25, 2013 at 3:09pm
You aren't making any sense. Are you comparing the Note 8 with an iPad mini or iPad? The last time I checked the iPad mini doesn't come with a retina display. For your information the iPad mini has a 7.9-inch (1,024 x 768 pixels) with 163ppi while the Note 8 has an 8-inch (1,280 x 800 pixels) with 189ppi.
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