T-Mobile iPhone Carrier Update Will Enable Visual Voicemail, MMS, Possibly LTE

T-Mobile iPhone Carrier Update Will Enable Visual Voicemail, MMS, Possibly LTE

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Apple will seed iPhone owners using T-Mobile a carrier update that will enable Visual Voicemail, MMS Settings, and possibly LTE support on April 5th, according to a notice obtained by TMONews.

The T-Mobile Carrier Update is a minor iOS software update that enables official iPhone support by T-Mobile. When installed, the software update enables a handful of capabilities like Visual Voicemail, MMS Settings and Network/Device optimizations that customers do not have access to today. On April 5, the software update will begin being pushed via OTA to all iPhone devices on the T-Mobile network with iOS 6.1.x or higher.

A method of enabling LTE for jailbroken device owners has already been detailed; however, official support from Apple would be a much appreciated by customers.

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T-Mobile iPhone Carrier Update Will Enable Visual Voicemail, MMS, Possibly LTE
Larry - August 6, 2013 at 3:29pm
This is an older post but I can say that you can only use FaceTime over cellular with AT&T if you have a mobile share plan or of you have jail broken your iPhone. I have been a customer service manager for AT&T for 7 years
Christopher Williams - April 2, 2013 at 8:57pm
I Have At&t and I don't have the Ability to get Facetime over Cellular HENCE my previous comments. If you've had a Contract Since Before the iPhone4...then you KNOW.....you won't GET that unless you give up your unlimited data & Unlimited Voice & Opted for their NEW TIER plans. This is Not fair to those such as myself whom may not want those plans..hence why a petition was sent to the FCC about this same issues so Again..i was right in my analogy. If T-Mobile allows Facetime over it's network I'm going to get my iPhone UNLOCKED & switching to T-Mobile, granite i won't save AS MUCH money but i'll be At least able to use the features that should practically be allowed on At&t.
6italia0 - April 2, 2013 at 7:59pm
only feature I dont have on my AT&T factory unlocked iphone 5 with tmobile is visual voicemail. Otherwise I get 4g or LTE if in supported areas, facetime over data (without tweaks) and any other basic feature. Of coarse to enable LTE or 4G instead of it just saying 3G I have to have my iPhone jailbroken, but thats the only reason I use the iPhone to begin with, otherwise using the iphone is pointless
Me - April 2, 2013 at 11:25pm
All because you guys want to save$10-$20 a month. Having an Iphone not using its full functions. Trust me I know .I was with a T-mobile. I used to buy iPhones for over $400 a piece.f**cking retarded of me. I am kicking myself in the f**cking ass I couldve had att upgrading my iphones every year. It doesn't cost me a dime to upgrade I sell my iPhones for retarded people like T-mobile customers over $400. I just sold my iPhone 4S 32 gig unlocked on ebay for $650 Just stupid! Some1 offered me an iPad2 32GIG and and Iphone4S and $200 for my Iphone5 32 gig unlocked I refused to trade.Hell nay!! Yep..people like you keeps me in business thou!!
6italia0 - April 3, 2013 at 4:01am
Dude the majority of my customers that come to my store have iphones on tmobile, when they have network issues I get paid to fix them when no tmobile employee has an answer. If I have an issue with my 64gb iPhone 5 on tmobile (which I paid $400+tax no contract for) then so does everyone else on tmobile with an iPhone. If I fix the issue with mine, I can do so for others as well getting me paid. I personally don't care much for high speed internet, its nice having it but not needed, but thats what I have my tmobile note II on my second line for (no other reason other than data). Everything accept visual voicemail works great on my iPhone and when I have 4G free stock internet tethering. Its much more beneficial for me to have tmobile and their awesome customer service than AT&T and their terrible customer service. Thats just me though
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