Circa News App Gets Performance Improvements, Updates to Followed Stories

Circa News App Gets Performance Improvements, Updates to Followed Stories

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The Circa News app has been updated with performance improvements, updates to Followed Stories, and other enhancements.

Stay informed, save time. Circa is the best way to read and follow news on your iPhone and iPod Touch. News articles and small screens just don't play well together. Circa solves that problem by condensing the news and making it much easier to read while on-the-go. Tediously reading long articles just to stay up to date is a thing of the past with Circa’s factual and comprehensive, but to-the-point news coverage.

● Catch up quick – Don't worry about intimidatingly long articles. Circa's editorial staff boils down stories to just the facts, keeping you informed and saving you time!
● Follow the news – Rather than constantly re-reading articles on the same subject, Circa allows you to follow stories that you’d like to stay up with. We'll send you push notifications each time a story you follow has been updated.
● Share stories & points that you find interesting via Email, Messaging, or Facebook & Twitter.
● Circa’s news coverage is produced by our own editorial staff from the best sources, which we provide alongside each point if you're curious.
● Offline reading – Riding the subway? Don't have an internet connection? You can still read all of the news within Circa while offline.
● Every pixel in the app, artfully crafted

What's New In This Version:
We've fixed two major issues most people have had with the app in this version – refresh speed, and changes to receiving updates on stories you're following.

Improvements in 1.3
● Performance – We've sped up dramatically. The last few months have been dedicated to making the app and service blazing fast. We've found it's at least 5-10x faster than the previous versions.
● My Followed Stories has been moved – We've moved this feature right to the main page so you don't have to hunt to see when you've got updates to stories you're following. Now it's just a button on the top right of the main screen!
● Updates to Followed Stories – Ok, we'll admit it: our previous followed story interface was a *bit* confusing. But thankfully we've come to our senses and made it much, much better and dead simple. If you receive updates to a story, they're just at the top of the story now, simple as that. Instead of needing to use arrow buttons to see which updates are new, we've clearly marked them for you.