FocusTwist App Aims to Turn Your iPhone Into a Lytro Camera

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FocusTwist is a new app for the iPhone that aims to provide multiple depths of field in a single photo, similar to the Lytro camera.

Capture and share images that can be *refocused* later! Add a cool and fun dimension to your photographs and impress your friends and family. Twists are great for food, toys, fashion, nature, architecture - any scene with multiple elements to focus on.

The Verge had a chance to try out the app and says, "For good results, you'll need to have an object that's extremely close to the sensor (Arqball recommends your closest object be just 3.5 inches away). That's because of the iPhone 5's small sensor, which won't give you great depth of field for objects further than a couple of feet away. It's extremely limiting and stops Focus Twist being anything more than a sideshow. Priced at $1.99 in Apple's App Store, though, it's quite the sideshow." You'll also need to hold the phone very steady as essentially it is taking multiple photos at different depths of field.

For best results, compose a scene with something interesting very close to your phone's camera (3-4 inches away) and something else further away (> 5 feet). Try to hold the phone still during the few seconds it takes to capture a twist.

You can purchase FocusTwist from the App Store for $1.99 or check out a couple example shots below.

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Ensup - April 23, 2013 at 4:21pm
Just bought it and tried = waste of dollars. focusing is not working properly and must hold still which is impossible while holding iphone with hands.
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