Samsung Galaxy S4 Outscores iPhone 5 in Camera Test [Chart]

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DxOLabs has tested the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and found that it outperforms the camera of the iPhone 5, ranking it second on the company's overall list of best mobile device cameras.

Achieving a DxOMark score of 75 overall puts the rear-facing camera module of the Samsung Galaxy S4 comfortably ahead of the pack. That’s no mean feat as the bunch includes the handset maker’s own Galaxy Note II and S III as well as Apple’s iPhone 4s and latest iPhone 5, all achieving a very respectable 72 in our DxOMark scores. However, it can’t quite topple the 41-Mpix Nokia 808 PureView. Sitting in the top position in our ratings that model achieved a DxOMark score of 77 points. While that model uses a larger sensor with much higher pixel count to achieve its excellent low-light scores, the Samsung Galaxy S4 can’t match that with noise reduction only.

Pros of the Galaxy S4 camera were impressive detail preservation in bright light conditions, fast and accurate autofocus, good auto-exposure, rich colors, and good image quality with flash. Cons were significant loss of detail in low light, strong ringing artifacts, and slight color shading under low tungsten light levels.

Pros of the iPhone 5 camera were good color and exposure in most lighting conditions, good retention of detail in bright lighting conditions, accurate and consistent autofocus and broad dynamic range. Cons were yellowish white balance in low tungsten light, noisy images in low light with poor detail retention, bad purple flare in certain circumstances, and a viewing area that cuts off part of the image preventing accurate framing.

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sharifgd - May 25, 2013 at 5:53am
what happen when it was compare with the S3 camera? Can anybody tell me?
sharifgd - May 25, 2013 at 5:54am
good question...
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