Apple Ad Guru Lee Clow Talks About Steve Jobs and Establishing the Apple Brand [Video]

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Apple ad guru Lee Clow, Chairman and Global Director of TBWAWorldwide, reveals some tidbits about Steve Jobs and why he thinks Jobs named his computer company Apple.

"He knew the story of Akio Morita changing the name of the Tokyo Electronics Company to Sony because it was a charming kinda fun sunny nice name.

I believe the reason Apple is called Apple was a little bit aligned to that model. You know there is a bunch of legends about he was a hippy and he lived in apple orchards and he'd eat apples and that's how he got the idea for the name, or he was eating an apple with Wozniak in a garage.

I think, even though I'm sure he didn't think it through, just his intuition told him that he was going to introduce the world to technology that was going to change everyone's life and do special things but at the same time it was going to be new and it was going to be scary and people weren't going to kinda know what to do with a computer or if they even needed one.

So he thought Apple. Maybe if it's named something nonthreatening, something likeable, something you could trust. I think he intuitively understood that was going to be a more graceful way for people to come to this technology that he believed was going to so amazing and change our lives."

Take a look at the full video clip below...

[via BusinessInsider]

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Caca ko - June 8, 2013 at 4:44pm
All insiders know that its Ape because of 'knowledge' and adam and eve story. Thats why the apple is bit,
Caca ko - June 8, 2013 at 4:38pm
This guy is an idiot
jhonn - June 8, 2013 at 1:14pm
now you can access your laptop videos,music etc from iphone with net,see this video apple lovers will be happy
shawn - June 8, 2013 at 10:40am
They cut when they are going to show the Think Different ad with Steve.
Uuummm - June 8, 2013 at 9:23am
Didnt xerox initially start the ball rolling not Jobs?
shawn - June 8, 2013 at 10:32am
Nope Xerox had nothing to do with the first PC. (Apple1/Apple2). Xerox Parc had an amazing research department that "invented" the mouse, graphical user interface and ethernet. The xerox GUI ana Mouse where long way from working and Xerox big wigs didn't believe in those products. Xerox would never have made anything with that technology. The researcher at PARC leaked the information to Apple. Apple made a deal to have Steve + a couple of more guys come into PARC and look at the stuff. Thats where Apple got the idea for the GUI/mouse. Steve later admitted that he was so blinded by the GUI and mouse that he missed ethernet. Connecting all computer together.... The trolls/idiots on the net thinks Apple "stole" the idea from Xerox for the mouse and GUI. Nope. Apple gave Xerox shares worth 10% of Apple back then. That is the different between Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft was a developer for Apple and got their hands on Mac prototypes and cloned windows from it. Microsoft didn't pay for their lending of ideas. (until the settlement late 1996/1997 where MSFT had to pay an undisclosed amount to seattle and cross patent Windows / Mac OS) No Apple and we would never had have the PC revolution. Without Steve and NeXT we would have had the Web revolution much later/maybe never. (HTTP was invented on a NeXT) Without Apple we would not have ARM. (Apple was one of the founding members of ARM to power the first PDA Newton) Without NeXT we would never have had a general Unix/Linux operating system. Without a Unix we would never have had OSX. Without Unix we would never have had iOS. Without an OS (Unix/Linux) that could scale to telephones we would never have had the iPhone/Android revolution. Without ARM we would never have had processors to power the iPhone/Android revolution. And this is what people don't understand. Without Apple the world would look totally different. No PCs, No GUIs, No beautiful looking computers, no what we today call "internet", no facebook, no twitter, no fast research on computers. Imagine how different everything would be. This is why Steve Jobs is the person in history that have made a good impact on humanity. Yes... He had a lot of help. But Steve was the crazy one thinking that everyone would have a PC, that back in 1982 talked about how everything would be wireless connected to each other. He talked about the cloud in 1998 (not so strange since Unix always have used a local cloud with NFS). He painted the iPad in 1984 describing that this is how computers will look in the feature. Today we don't have any crazy one. We have not seen anything new invented that will revolutionise the IT world since Steve left. Maybe Google Glass and self driving cars will be huge. So I would say that todays crazy chance for innovation comes from Google. Steve Jobs: over 350 registered patents/inventions. Bill Gates: 12 patents Larry Page: 6 patents That shows the difference in innovation.
Huh? - June 8, 2013 at 12:10pm
One of apple hardware designer came up with a proper mouse design after he used a brick of soap. lol
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