iOS Device Usage Peaks at 9:00 PM [Charts]

iOS Device Usage Peaks at 9:00 PM [Charts]

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Flurry Analytics has posted several charts breaking down the activity of iOS users by time and type. The company looked at a random sample of 15,271 users and their activity during May, 2013.

Here's what the chart looks like:

iOS Device Usage Peaks at 9:00 PM [Charts]

Key Observations:
● App usage steadily increases over the course of the day and ultimately peaks in the evening (unlike TV which remains low then has a dramatic jump in the evening.)
● Wearable computing already arrived with the smartphone. Our data confirms what many of us know from experience: smartphones, tablets and the apps installed on them appear to be glued to consumers 24/7, 365.
● While gaming still consumes a large portion of the time spent on devices, other categories appear to be closing the gap when it comes to consumer attention. With the proliferation of social and photo sharing apps, consumers are switched on and sharing every aspect of their lives.
● Shopping and lifestyle apps are used around the clock. Breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time and bedtime have become shopping time.

Flurry also took a closer look at 24-34 year olds:

iOS Device Usage Peaks at 9:00 PM [Charts]

Given the popularity of game apps you might expect that Millennials drive that usage, but in fact they under-index for game app usage. It’s turns out that it’s the middle aged Gen X-ers who grew up with gaming consoles who are over indexing on games. Millennials also under-index on time in Utilities and News than the rest of the population. The categories in which Millennials over-index are Sports, Health and Fitness; Music, Media and Entertainment; Lifestyle and Shopping.

Flurry also broke down the 23-34 year olds category to male/female. Notably, females spent over 200% more time in Sports, Health and Fitness apps than the rest of the population. Males over indexed in Music, Media and Entertainment as well as Social and Photo-Sharing. They under-index in News & Magazines.

Confirming some age-old stereotypes, women 25-34 also over-index in Lifestyle and Shopping in which they spend 75% more time than the rest of the population.

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iOS Device Usage Peaks at 9:00 PM [Charts]
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DavidG - June 16, 2013 at 1:36pm
I wonder if this behavior stems from the early days of using cell phones and mobile devices when we got free calls after 9 PM? Maybe we were so trained the it stuck even to now.
Annoyed - June 15, 2013 at 8:50pm
Now that's scary. NSA tracking results. Lead by THE GREAT KING Obama.
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You're a retard. President Obama is a different part of government. Learn your stuff. We have checks and balances and three major parts of government.
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I wonder how spamdroid is doing with users, yeah right!