Tim Cook Pushing For More iPhone Sales at Apple Stores, 'Army' of Products to Come

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Apple is on the heels of implementing sweeping changes to the way iPhones are sold and marketed in order to boost sales at retail stores, reports 9to5mac.

Reportedly, Apple held a summit for retail store leaders where CEO Tim Cook spoke for three hours. Cook was relatively satisfied with the way Macs and iPads were selling through retail stores, but noted that 80% of iPhones are bought outside of the stores.

The iPhone is Apple's central "gateway product" to other devices like iPads and Macs, so it is critical that the Apple smartphone is sold via an Apple Store so new customers are immediately exposed to iPads, Macs and other devices on the showroom floor. Even though 80% of iPhones are not sold at Apple Stores, 50% of all serviced iPhones are troubleshooted, repaired, or replaced at Apple Store Genius Bars. Cook reportedly hinted that he would like those numbers to be more in line.

Cook and other executives are developing new incentives for customers to purchase iPhones at retails stores. The first element of this strategy is offering a $50 gift card to those who purchase an iPhone via the Back to School promotion.

Additionally, Cook hinted at the upcoming launch of Apple's trade in program which could roll out in the coming months. While details are scarce, it is rumored to have a large promoted presence at retail stores. According to one source, the trade in program could allow customers to upgrade an older damaged iPhone to a refurbished iPhone 5.

More incentives and promotions are likely to appear as we head through the fall such as price matching of iPhones. Cook also reiterated the importance of iOS 7 and some executives showed off ways to promote the OS when is launches in the fall.

Leaders left the event confident in a strong product lineup as well. Expect “an army of new products this fall,” one person said.

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unlockmyidevice - July 10, 2013 at 5:09am
As long as you implement a lost or stolen blacklist check and an imei carrier check for foreign iPhones,Craigslist kicks ass.Buy a 4S or a 5 for $130- 225,unlock for 2.50 and resell overseas for $260-450.Easy to make 23-30k a year part time.Apple,AT&T or tmobile will never beat that,and Apple can't do shit about it.Plus their exchange program makes it possible to buy a bricked 4S or 5,take it to an Apple store and for $100-175 you walk away with a new one...
Archie - July 5, 2013 at 8:10pm
The bulk of the iPhones are sold outside of apple stores for 2 reasons. 1. That's how apple STARTED selling iPhones. 2. People don't want to pay full price all at once. Resellers like AT&T subsidize the phones so customers pay over time. If apple offered a payment plan ( not another credit card ) like t-mobile, they charge $20 up front and $20 per month with no interest. Apple could even charge interest, with $50 down and $20 per month phones would STAY out of stock.
Sim - July 4, 2013 at 6:44pm
Want more sales, defeat the competition and make better product, you don't need to cheat or deceive people. Can't believe what I read.
Jedediah Johnson - July 5, 2013 at 4:14am
How are they deceiving people?
Sim - July 5, 2013 at 4:58am
it's a strong word I know, just related to the strong marketing policy, I am an apple fan, by the way. wanted just to emphasize that, apple didn't have to push sales at apple stores until last years, if they keep making the best product, they don't need to worry about the sales.
Djnol - July 4, 2013 at 4:16pm
Buy 1 grt anothet for free AND U EILL SEE HOW UT NUMBERS GO UP.,or buy 1 and get and ipod or something for free., WE LOVE THING FOR FREE...!! Happy day of the liberty!!
van - July 4, 2013 at 3:22pm
Mmm, right. If you change policy of "We are currently out of stock of unlocked iPhones. Please come back tomorrow and check." things might actually change. At least say we will have it then and then. Treating people like idiots and make them come every day to "check" and only to hear the same story is such an old story, Apple.
CaptainJapan - July 4, 2013 at 8:17pm
Steve Jobs wouldn't have done this. Tim Cook is clueless.
Jimmy - July 4, 2013 at 8:42pm
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van - July 5, 2013 at 12:17pm
Why? Because world does not equal US. In the same way, not all people of the world live in the US. You Americans might find that surprising but if you try it hard, you can understand the concept. I have faith in you :-) I don't want to be tied to a contract and do not want to buy a phone on the black/gray market because I need a receipt for my company. So Apple store is pretty much the only option here in Europe. For an iPhone that is. There are plenty of high quality Androids/WPs nowadays that can be bought in stores without being treated like a 12 yo kid that thinks, breathes and dreams "iPhone" and can't wait to be back to the apple store tomorrow to ask "Did you get it?" :-)
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