15th-Century Ruins Discovered During Construction of Apple Retail Store in Madrid

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Spanish news site El Pais is reporting that 15th century remains from a hospital have been uncovered during the construction of Apple's new retail store in Madrid. The ruins have been found in what will become the basement of Apple's 6000-square meter store. The hospital was reportedly demolished in 1854 and treated plague victims.

The ruins will be protected but will not end up available for the public to see. The city has directed Apple to cover the Hospital ruins and then build its store floor over the top of the ruins.

The director of the Madrid heritage department, Jaime Ignacio Muñoz of the Popular Party, explained to EL PAÍS that Apple had been instructed to change the flooring of the basement so as to “symbolically” trace the outline of these newly discovered walls. The walls themselves will then be covered up again so the floor of the new store can be placed on top. The actual original foundations of the hospital will not be visible.

“We’re not surprised to find these remains because we knew they could be there. The building is located on a historic site and is protected as an area of public cultural interest, so that any action on the ground has to have the approval of the heritage department,” says Muñoz.

Apple has been instructed to also trace out the outline of the ruins on the floor above the basement so customers and visitors can see where the ruins are located.

The store will be open in time for Christmas, reports El Pais.

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