Tempo Smart Calendar App is Updated With Many New Features

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The Tempo Smart Calendar app for iPhone has been updated with numerous new features including a new Invite Tray, improved alert and reminder options, more recurring event options, archive folders and mailbox support, time zone settings, and design improvements.

Tempo Smart Calendar is the only calendar that intelligently finds and neatly organizes everything you need for each meeting, including contacts, locations, and related emails and documents. A lot of what you need to do is one tap away. Dial into conference calls, send a text when running late, check a flight status or review an agenda—all without leaving the calendar. It was designed to be both beautiful and smart, saving you time and eliminating hassles.
· Quickly reach attendees via phone, email or text
· Send a pre-populated “running late” email or text
· Dial into conference calls – Tempo handles the passcode
· Know your flight status
· Review emails that pertain to the meeting
· Open related documents
· Get directions, parking suggestions and estimated driving time
· Find the exact location even when you don’t have the address
· Wish friends happy birthday on Facebook
· Browse attendees’ LinkedIn profiles
· Connect to Foursquare and Yelp
· Use Siri to create your next calendar event or meeting

What's New In This Version:
● Accept / Decline Event Invitations from Tempo: We know you’ve been waiting, so check out the new Invite Tray in the upper left corner. See all of your pending invites in the tray and RSVP. The event is entered in your calendar accordingly and the organizer notified.

● Improved Alert and Reminder Options: Now, you can set multiple alerts for a single event. (Another popular request.)

● More Options for Recurring Events: Set events to repeat daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, every weekday, monthly and yearly. Include a specific end date or keep forever. Every recurring event in your calendar has a visual indicator.

● Archived Folders and Mailbox Support!
Gmail users: Now the related emails that Tempo finds can include your Archived email folder, in addition to your Inbox and Sent folders. Go to Tempo Setting to turn this on.

● Mailbox users: With Archived email folders indexed, you’re in luck. Zero inbox + related emails = heaven.

● Time-traveler? Set the time zone for meetings and events happening in other zones.

● Design Improvements:
· Calendar Views & Settings are accessible from the new icon in the upper left corner.
· Week & Day Views are updated for an easy at-a-glance view of your schedule.
· Meetings in the past are grayed-out.
· Flight Card has a new look and includes city and airport names. We also handle flights with several legs better.
· Birthday Card also has a new look and you can wish Happy Birthday from Agenda, List or Month View.

You can download Tempo Smart Calendar from the App Store for free.

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