AT&T Posts $32 Billion Revenue, 6.8 Million Smartphone Sales in Q2 2013

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AT&T announced their Q2 2013 results of $32.1 billion in revenue, 551,00 Postpaid net adds (Verizon added 941,000) and their best second quarter smartphone sales of 6.8 million smartphones -- including record Android device sales.

AT&T now reports that 73% of their postpaid customers are now on smartphones -- a 16% year-over-year jump. Overall net income was $3.8 billion.

● 0.71 diluted EPS compared to $0.66 diluted EPS in the second quarter of 2012, up
7.6 percent. Excluding significant items, EPS was $0.67
● Consolidated revenues of $32.1 billion, up 1.6 percent versus reported results for the year-earlier period, and up 2.6 percent adjusting for the sale of Advertising Solutions
● More than 2 million new wireless and wireline high speed broadband connections
●Wireless revenues up 5.7 percent, service revenues up 4.1 percent versus the year-ago quarter
●Wireless data revenues up 19.8 percent versus the year-earlier period
●Wireless operating income margin of 27.1 percent; wireless EBITDA service margin of 42.4 percent reflecting record second-quarter smartphone sales of 6.8 million, including record Android sales
●Added 1.2 million new smartphone subscribers; smartphones 88 percent of postpaid phone sales
●Total postpaid ARPU up 1.8 percent; phone-only ARPU up 3.0 percent

The Carrier also discussed its LTE growth with the ETA of having the majority of its LTE network rollout complete by summer of 2014.

● 551,000 wireless postpaid net adds, best second-quarter postpaid net adds in four years
● 35 percent of postpaid smartphone base LTE capable
● Smartphone data usage per device up 50 percent year over year
● LTE network expected to cover nearly 270 million POPs in 400 markets by year-end
● LTE network build expected to be substantially complete by summer 2014

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Oliver Banham - July 24, 2013 at 4:25am
How are those profits ok - when the consumer suffers from the WORST service in history, continual dropped calls, expensive line rental, and beyond sub par customer service? The UK mobile fines cost the user around $40/month, allow tethering for free, and pay and additional $7/mth for home broadband! We are being extorted in the United States, and we need to open our eyes and exercise our rights people!
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