Samsung TVs Hacked to Remotely Activate Built-In Camera

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Hackers have demonstrated a method of hacking Samsung Smart TVs to remotely enable the webcam letting them watch you without you ever knowing, reports CNN. iSEC researchers found it easy to tap into the TV's Web Browser which gave them access to all the functions controlled by the browser, including the built-in camera.

While you're watching TV, a hacker anywhere around the world could have been watching you. Hackers also could have easily rerouted an unsuspecting user to a malicious website to steal bank account information. Samsung quickly fixed the problem after security researchers at iSEC Partners informed the company about the bugs. Samsung sent a software update to all affected TVs.

The hack was presented at the Black Hat cyber security conference in Las Vegas this week. Samsung says it has patched the issue and also notes that "The camera can be turned into a bezel of the TV so that the lens is covered, or disabled by pushing the camera inside the bezel. The TV owner can also unplug the TV from the home network when the Smart TV features are not in use." However, iSEC researchers remain skeptical that the technology is perfectly secure even after the patch.

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