Extensive List of What's New in iOS 7 Beta 5 [Images]

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Here is an extensive list we've collected of what's new in iOS 7 beta 5 which Apple seeded to developers.

● New Settings icons

● You can now disable Control Center access within apps

● New Slide to Power Off

● Updated twitter icon

● New Yahoo! branding in Notification Center [Thanks Ghali]

● On/Off Switch for Labels in Accessibility [Thanks Ghali]

● Can access icons during animation in folders

● Updated in call buttons

● Trash moved in mail to right side, mark button on left now

● No more unlocking sound, locking sound instant

● Pull down banner on push notifications

● Headset controls on headphones now working again [Thanks Eyjag]

● You can download your specific language dictionary after you define a word

● Messages shows first name only now (last name initial dropped)

● Twitter and Skype now working

● Install screen and Boot screen same color as your phone now (white iPhone has black apple logo and white background) via ster1ng

● Lock screen music control functionality tweaked -- will not slide anymore when trying to access other controls (play/pause etc)

● Performance enhancements animation tweaks system wide (ie receiving notification will now darken instead of blur on lock screen). Some older device have had some animations blurs and transparencies removed to most likely help with performance.

● Carrier texts are now a fixed width and scroll back in forth instead of being static if the length of the characters are too much [Thanks Doozy]

● Notification Center features white 'clear' button instead of black

● Tweaked options in Camera.app

● Improved Camera Access from lock screen (easier)

● App store + more prominent for universal apps

● Sync icon now in right side of status bar [Thanks Mahmoud]

Check back momentarily. We are continually adding to this list. Let us know if you find anything new in the comments.

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Sai - August 15, 2013 at 9:15am
Has anybody noticed that if we saved autofills in safari browser, those we saved can be viewed in the safari setting?? Setting>safari>passwords & autofills>saved passwords> There, we can see all the passwords saved! The characters ain't even hidden! That is totally unsafe! (Noticed it in earlier beta versions too. But they still ain't changed it!)
Shane Jacobs - August 14, 2013 at 6:21pm
I don't know if I was doing something wrong but panoramic pictures no longer pan from end to end wen set as a wallpaper
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