Procreate App Gets Updated With Full HD Canvas Recording, Free Artery Brushes, More

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Procreate, a popular painting app, has been updated with full HD canvas recording, free Artery brushes, and more.

With its gorgeous interface and incredible Silica painting engine, it’s easy to see why Procreate is one of the hottest iPad apps available today. Packed with 120 beautiful brushes, from true-to-life sets of pencils, inks and paint brushes, to unique digital tools, Procreate is a full digital studio at your finger tips.

Procreate paints fast. Really fast. The secret sauce to Procreate’s insane performance comes from the proprietary Silica engine. Silica renders strokes in 64 bit precision with a speed and accuracy that makes other software blush. You'll see your stroke blend, decay, and even smudge in realtime. After using Procreate for a short while, you’ll see just how natural and fluid painting on iPad can be.

• Beautiful interface:
- Charcoal, semitransparent interface keeps you focused on your artwork
- Multitouch functionally built exclusively for iPad
- Rapidly adjust the brush size & opacity on the fly

• Studio-grade features:
- Ultra-High Definition 4K Canvas size
- up to 4096 x 4096px (16.7 MP) for iPad 3/4
- up to 4096 x 2616px (10.7 MP) for iPad 2/Mini
- Create custom canvas sizes
- Incredibly smooth and responsive 64-bit, OpenGL proprietary engine
- Deliciously responsive smudge tool
- Multi-threaded, utilises iPad's multiple cores
- 250 levels of undo and redo
- Continuous auto-save—never lose work again
- Dropbox integration everywhere

• Next generation brushes:
- Packed with 120 beautifully made preset brushes
- Game changing dual texture system
- 30 customisable settings for every brush
- Create your own custom Procreate brushes
- Organise your brushes into your own custom sets
- Share your brushes

• Advanced layering system:
- Dynamic layers–up to 128 layers, depending on size of canvas.
- Lock layer transparency (Alpha lock)
- Copy and paste layers from/to clipboard
- Pinch layers together to merge
- Pinch layers apart to create a new layer
- Swipe a layer to the right to action
- Swipe a layer to the left to alpha lock
- Two finger tap to adjust layer opacity

• Blend modes
- Multiply
- Lighten
- Screen
- Add
- Exclusion
- Colour
- Saturation
- Hue
- Luminosity
- Soft Light
- Overlay
- Linear Burn
- Colour Dodge
- Colour Burn
- Hard Light
- Difference
- Subtract

• Transform
- Distort perspective & shear
- Non Uniform & Uniform transformation
- Magnetic smart guide system

• Multi-touch gestures:
- Two finger zoom & rotate canvas
- Three finger tap fullscreen
- 3 finger Z-motion – Instant clear layer
- Quick-pinch shortcut for fit-to-screen
- Three finger swipe (left/right) for undo/redo
- Tap and hold eyedropper shortcut
- Pinch layers together to merge
- Pinch layers apart to create a layer
- Fullscreen adjust layer opacity
- Change artwork orientation

• Artwork Gallery:
- Drag & drop organising
- Create artwork stacks and name them
- Export to Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook, Weibo and email
- Export as layered native Procreate file, PSD, transparent PNG or JPEG

What's New In This Version:
• Full HD canvas recording!
- Procreate now automatically records your progress with the same incredible Procreate performance!
- 1080p Maximum video output
- All videos encoded with a start splash of your final artwork
- Easily share videos to Photos, Dropbox, iTunes or Email

• All Artery brushes unlocked
- As a thank you to our community after winning an Apple Design Award, we have removed all In App Purchases and made the Artery brushes completely free! A very special thanks to everyone who supported us by purchasing Artery brushes along the way.
- Pro library now contains all Artery shape and grain files, so you can make even more, awesome brushes!

• Added Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus support
• Improved Adonit Jot Touch support
• Vastly improved brush cursor
• Improved Dropbox support
• Improved iTunes export
• Squished some nasty bugs

You can purchase Procreate from the App Store for $4.99.

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