Conan: Presenting the Gold iPhone 5s [Video]

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Conan O'Brien spoofs an Apple introductory video for the gold iPhone 5s.

Apple's fresh new design team really has the Midas touch.

Take a look below. You might want to check out the Jimmy Kimmel video on the iPhone 5s as well.

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VicSaint - September 15, 2013 at 2:44am
Great, If you are a wanted person, your apple ID may now be connected to the FBI/NSA/Local Law Enforcement spying/database and your fingerprint log on will alert authorities to your whereabouts. Hmmmm.
Test - September 13, 2013 at 3:00am
@Hope 2 Thanks for the info. Good to know.
Tera - September 12, 2013 at 12:50pm
Love this video. Apple is going down. Nobody seems to understand market dynamics and customer choices. Apple may have benefited by releasing 5 inch screen iphone with real 24K gold trim. Come on suckers go for 4" Apple Gold!!!!
CryMeARiver - September 12, 2013 at 1:13pm
Apple going down because they haven't designed an iPhone with a 5 inch screen? Now that makes me laugh. Yes, everyone must have a bigger phone or Apple is going down. Pfff! Everyone thinks they're a Market Analyst these days. Last I checked Android didn't have hugely successful products like Apple's pro-desktop, pro-notebook and software options. All you fools are exactly the same. You think you're so smart because you peel some false information from some website or blog and regurgitate it whenever you think it's appropriate. Bunch of Zombies!
Tera - September 12, 2013 at 2:09pm
Yes, all market analysts are zombies (except you). Do you know how easy it is to read on 5" screen vs 4" ?. Why did apple moved from 3.5" to 4" if there was no advantage. Only Apple fan boys are impressed. Why apple stock went down 5% after IP5S and IP%C release, think? Use some common sense and figure it out. Good Apple Suckers.
CryMeARiver - September 12, 2013 at 3:09pm
LOL...I am not a market analyst. Far from it. I just find it funny when people like yourself troll these forums and sites and post nothing but unoriginal information, yet you're so disgusted by apple products that your curiosity has you posting negative, inaccurate information. Why? So what if the stock went down. I guess billionaire Carl Icahn must be off his rocker then for buying apple shares at a cheaper price. Adding to his apple holding is "a no brainer" he said. One of the best brands....and they are building revenue. What does Android have? They give the consumer everything they ask for! There is no legacy! There is no dedication. Android sluts up the mobile phone market by installing their OS on any and every host possible. I've seen some crap product out there, built cheaply with Android's stamp all over it. You don't see that with Apple products. Even if android OS were to have more features then doesn't do any good when the host is made of garbage. Wait...what was that, you're going to buy google glass? hahaha what a joke! Keep following google's sheep ya Zombie!
Tera - September 12, 2013 at 3:21pm
It seems like you are a apple boy (CryMeARiver). You can stay calm with your iphone. Phone is just a phone (whether blackberry, Android based or iOS based). Everybody expected a lot from apple because they put out such a show and deliver little. No body argues that apple set a new standard about 5 year ago but now it is short on ideas. Stay calm, no body is going after you because you believe in apple.
CryMeARiver - September 12, 2013 at 3:32pm
Haha. Yeah. Im all tore up inside! Remember the part about dedication and legacy? Seems you have no concept of either. Just some zombie, walking around...munching on all the latest. Seems you're still stuck on the screen size thing! Apple hasn't been innovative? Let's look at the trend of what's going on here. A7 chip, with 64 bit technology. Apple may not have invented the technology behind the chip architecture but they are the FIRST to incorporate 64 bit into a phone. Apple not innovating? Isn't that what you said? about the scanner for security and login? No innovation there I guess. Have fun with your laptop screen held up to your face! Baaa!h...Bbaaah!
Made up - September 12, 2013 at 4:05pm
Here is a link to a review of an old Motorola phone that had a fingerprint scanner back in 2011. I forget...Was it Apple that bought Motorola's patents? Nope, it was Google! Hmm....Another future lawsuit? Anyway, maybe Apple will play the role of Samsung this time? ;)
Hope 2 - September 12, 2013 at 5:47pm
Apple finger scanner is a different kind of scanner. The scanner on Motorola is the same as the traditional fingerprint scanner on the laptop. User needs to swipe their finger in particular angle. Since I use it, i know it's not effective and not always work right. The one is totally different. User won't need to swipe their finger. Just put it on the scanner will do the job. The finger can be put in different angle. I look forward to try it.
Tony - September 15, 2013 at 4:05pm
Dude you cares, whats the big difference, one swipes and the other one scans. Its the same thing. It still takes the print of your finger ethier. Stop calling this innovation, its not innovation, its called COPYING, the one that you iSheeps say all the time to Samsung. Apple doesnt do it any better, they copy whatever there is out there and make it abit better. Its not even worth any upgrade the camera is the same, the processor is still a stupid dual core CRAP, 64BIT? who cares? Since how many people you know, even window users , using 64 bit, majority of apps and computer software are all 32bit. So whats the point. Then there is the GPU is 2 twice as fast, big deal, and this is worth 800 dollars for the price. Do you even know why they pulled out the black bezel and replaced your iphone with space grey, because the premium quality phone that you so call, the black paint YES PAINT chips away. Its garbage quality. Yes plastic is not better, but you know what. I rather have a plastic, that parts can be cheap to replace and change and restore the phone as new, then to have a metal case with no removable battery and back casing that can easily be changed. Same stupid screen as the original iPhone 4 how many years has it been since that retina came out. Your stupid phones are not EVEN 720P display and still the front camera shoots 720P. pathetic. When the RETINA display came out it was the highest resolution screen now where is their screen in the toilet, we are all the way up too 460-480ppi maybe some of you say ahhh 300px is more then enough, you know what if that statement was true, why do you think that a 4K televsion resolution SAYS WOW to people, because the pixels are much more the ppi, thats why, so dont tell me otherwise. Just so you know how crapple suck, the Note 3 which to me its too big to use. Shoots 4K resolution u know what that is, thats even more then 1080P, thats innovation, something that doesnt exist. Innovation is something that nobody has, and every thing apple has released already came from another phone and just perfected it. Thats is not called innovation. Apple is done. Get over it. all people who use iPhone are big tools, this is coming from a person that use to have iPhone and switched to Android. Which is the best switch I did. No matter what the cpu or gpu is the S4 will still blow the performance of the apple in gamming. The octo core is light years ahead of Apple. Keep in mind that the octo core also uses a PowerVX chip, which apple uses in their ipad 3s, etc.... The only reason why apple is good for one reason is the simple OS thats it, and its more secure I give it that, but why be stuck with the same home screen as the original iphone 2007. People want to customize and suit their style, nobody wants a stupid phone that has boring no customization OS.
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