iTunes 11.1 Kills Custom Restore IPSWs for iOS 7

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iH8Sn0w, the hacker behind Sn0wBreeze, reveals that Apple has killed the ability to restore custom IPSWs for iOS 7 with the release of iTunes 11.1.

So iTunes 11.1 seems to kill Custom IPSWs for iOS 7. Alternatives will be needed to perform custom restores.

(More technically, iTunes 11.1 recalculates the partial-hash of every img3 instead of using the ones in BuildManifest.plist). Which results in modified images having a different hash and being rejected by Apple’s TSS.

In other news, iTunes 11.1 also breaks iREB on s5l8900x devices (iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and iPod touch 1G).

Thankfully, it appears as though iH8Sn0w is already working on a tool to restore without iTunes. You can follow iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or RSS for updates.

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quid - September 23, 2013 at 7:34pm
I think the main point is that, Jailbreaking an iPhone and coding apps to make it more useful was innovative and more useful to the JB community as well as the non-JB community because Apple Steals(cough-cough) I mean implements those ideas. with out paying i may add. The memory optimization and useful tools made the iPhone more efficient than a non-jailbroken one. The ability to change you root password as well as other vulnerability fixes that were found and fixed by the JB community made it more secure. When you JB you phone it patches Apples security flaws = more secure. JB Devs make money of of their apps as well and the majority of JBers are upstanding citizens and pay for apps. I spent about $100 on JB apps and only $30 on iOS apps because the iOS apps do not integrate functionality I have to press and app icon instead of swiping a side of my screen or some other gesture, created by the JB community devs. For the people that worry about piracy, JB apps are pirated just a much as the iOS apps so the JB community is against the piracy of apps as well. It hurts us all. For the people are worried about stealing is happens in every aspect of life stealing is a sin no matter the form, some steal food to live, some steal apps to be cheap (computer and ios and JB apps, video games, etc), some steal movies, some steal ideas and market them as their own Apple steals from JB community, Microsoft stole from Apple for windows, Samsung and many other major corporations take ideas and implement them. What do you think all of those lawsuit are about. I have jailbroken since the first iPhone up to 4s and on my iPhone 2G, i could copy paste, change settings without going into settings app, take video, play video to tv, encode video, post to twitter, multitask, schedule memory optimization and reboots without holding power button, cut crop and paste pictures, send attachments, have unlimited apps in folders, multiple wallpapers and video wallpapers, send and reply to text messages from any application on the phone, the Big boss app that turned you screen into a flashlight or flashing beacon before the iphone has an actual flash(just thought i would mention that because of the flashlight demonstration that was specifically pointed out in the iOS 7 demonstration, pathetic) and this was all in a Jailbroken iOS 1.1.4 iPhone 2G. The phone never bogged down or crashed or had any lag. As with any computer if you put too much crap on there it will bog it down. After the JB loop that was closed from 5.1.1, I switched to Android and I can customize my phone to look like anything I want and do anything i want. If I don't like an android flavor I can use another Rom or if i don't like that i can build my own ROM from source (now I know most people will not do that, but they have the option if they so choose) And lastly for the people that say that the phone is more vulnerable to attack, that is an out right lie, because if I can change my root password from "alpine" to an alphanumeric password then by default I'm more secure because i'm the only one that knows the password. the JB community finds the exploits, JB's the phone and patches the exploit so the phone can't be hacked, = more secure. people who are worried about security probably keep their passwords on sticky notes on their desk as well. "Just sayin"
God is Steve - September 23, 2013 at 3:15am
Jb scene just a bunch of lonely little boys who want ther Momma.
yoyoyo - September 22, 2013 at 10:43pm
I think the JB devs/community should sue Apple for stealing their IP's. Heck if they win they gonna recieve BIG $$$$$$ and use it for future JB development for Apple products.
Boss - September 22, 2013 at 3:55pm
Apple is not interested in pleasing 10million Jailbreakers. JB scene been developing shit for them for free for 6 years now and this is how they reward the devepers. Funnily enough they are stealing JB-features without paying penny for the guys that invented them. Like in iOS7 the SBSetting insprired switches..... looks like theyre digging they own grave.... only way is down.
Rudi Lee - September 22, 2013 at 7:11am
don't jb ur iphone. respect app developers. they need money just like u. jb is stealing and if u r a true buddhist or christian or whatever, u know stealing is a sin
Craig - September 22, 2013 at 7:28am
Jailbreaking has nothing to do with stealing. I've spent more money on unlocked iPhones than locked. The apps are better and function unlike any from the app store.
gsb - September 22, 2013 at 9:54am
Jailbreaking doesn't mean stealing apps & doesn't support pirating (since the one's making jailbreak too are the developers) rather it allows you to customiz your iphone like using themes, send /receive files via bluetooth- allows you to use your iphone at its full utility :)
John Smith - September 22, 2013 at 11:05am
@Rudi Lee you know that ignorance is not an excuse, you should check your facts. FYI: None of the features that Apple has integrated into there ISO have not been there original creation. Lest start with Video app, in order for you to record video on original iphone and iPhone 3g you needed to have a jail broken phone. Copy and Paste, Folders for App, Multitasking yeah all of them were originally only available on jail broken phone. You know that nice feature for changing between app in iOS, the jail broken phone all ready had that we call it CardSwitcher You know that command center that Apple Raves about on iOS we call that SBSetting and yes we had that since iOS 2 you are just getting on IOS 7
MarkBenson - September 22, 2013 at 1:10pm
@John Smith hey you stupid ignorant, jailbreak makes the iPhone unstable, jailbreak makes the iPhone malware vulnerable, jailbreak makes the iPhone lag, if Apple doesn´t implement a function it's for one good reason, stupid people like you will never understand it, stupid people like you think that the iPhone must be a magical device that must do every stupid thing that you think, from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3GS, none of these devices endured multitasking because of hardware limitations but stupid jailbreak hackers fool all of you and made you believe that these devices will do... the result : a lot of crashing apps, slow and unstable devices so this is what you get with jailbreak if you don´t like it, go buy and Android device and enjoy all that google´s garbage.
John Smith - September 22, 2013 at 4:06pm
@MarkBenson, That is the BS that Apple tells their ID10T Customer, the only reason I go an iPhone was because I could jail break it and have an actual computer in my pocket. And you only had issue with the jailbreak if you did not know now to manage your resources. I had not issue with my Jailbroken 3G, 3GS, 4 and 5. which I just Sold The only thing I like about apple is there hardware but the company Scks and there software Scks as well. The iphone are only good to have jailbroken and hack wi-fi and by pass proxys and pay for use hotspots, customize themes. also have a different wall paper on the lock screen and another on the home screen you know that was first only available on the jailbroken iPhone righ?. O wait I guess Apple did not implement that on the phone because the hardware could not handle having two wallpaper Haaaa haaaa. IThose are the excuses that apple gives their follower, in the same manner that it used the excuse that the blue hue that appear on the pictures taken by the iPhone 5 are by designed and a limitation of all cameras in general, yet the issue did not happen on their 4 and 4S. what the camera on the 4/4S was a fluke is guess and it looks like you have never used an android phone as iOS7 designed theme is virtually a copy of the android. I guess since apple can beat them they became them. As I was an apple customer until a couple of weeks ago when I sold my iPhone 5, I preferred to look around that to be getting outdated features that apple sells as innovating ground breaking. Yet they keep only adding feature that have been on jailbroken phone for ages. The only feature that apple has implemente that have not been on the jailbroken iphone first was siri and the finger print scanner and they did not even come up with the idea they just bought them from other company. almost forgot, i guess that originally copy and paste was only available on a jailbroken phone because the hardware could not support it right Mr ID10T error.
Craig - September 22, 2013 at 4:52pm
Let's not call names. I won't call you "stupid ignorant". I will tell you why you maybe. Apple doesn't implement JB apps because they don't make any money on them. Like iOS7? Good, because it was created by JailBreakers. (you know the ability to adjust settings without opening settings). Cool moving wallpapers, yeah, Cydia. It's been around for years. It does use up battery and memory. Wouldn't it be cool if you had caller ID for people not in your contacts (like at home), Cydia. Never pick up for "unknown" callers again. For security, your root username is "root". There, now everybody knows it. Your password is "alpine". Feel vulnerable now? You can change it on a JBroken phone. You don't need to leave the back door open, even for Apple. It would be so cool if you could put unlimited items in a folder, in your dock, be able to scroll left and right as well as up and down? Now you get the picture.
Lutti So - September 22, 2013 at 7:34pm
Ill do whatever i want to my Iphone. No mather if its a sin or not...its my Iphone! If you think steal its a sin go talk with apple developers lol!
Mike Power - September 22, 2013 at 9:10pm
@Rudi Lee,MarkBenson, hey I can tell you are the followers type of person, monkey see monkey do, apple says you do; we need people like that in this world so we can show you who's who. John Smith in the other hand is the man, I could have not said it any better, Go a get and listen to John Smith, i agreed 100%,After spending so much money for a cell phone, I cannot do what I want with it. And By the way it is true, Apple stole everything fron cydia so they can call it innovation, they are the sinners. Apple-Crapple.
John Smith - September 22, 2013 at 9:54pm
Thanks Guys, my beef with apple is as you said I paid good money for their products, all I want to be able to do is do what ever I want to do with what my $850 US bought me. In my opinion with all the feature that Apple has been inspired as a result of the JB Community you would think that they will let you do what ever you want with your hardware why make it so difficult for us to jailbreak our phones, why keep using us to find all their vulnerabilities for free and yet no throw us a bone and say like Google "If you want to jailbreak your device go ahead we just not going to support you, but we are not going to try and stop you either". I'm not saying that if you have yet not pay for your phone to let you unlocked it (That means use it in other carrier for the non-jailbroker that may not know. yet think that is all JB is about) but that they should let you jailbreak your phone so that you can use it to its full potential.In regards to the battery getting used up quickly yes we are ok with that because we are take more out of the phone. But with community groups out there like BigBoss that create Jailbreak apps like "batteryDoctorPro" and give it to the JB community for free, is why JB is so great. This are only a some of the feature that it does to protect your battery like SBSettings it provides you a very customizable control center were you can disable almost every feature right from the notification screen with elegance (un-like apple ), you can customize different profile for when you are home or on the road (Remember this from when you had flip phones all of them had it, yet if you want to used in on the latest and greatest phone you need to jailbreak them, why are we going backwards in time, why cause of company like apple that think they know whats best). Some of the features in BatteryDoctorPro for instance is disabling the data while you are home and using your wi-fi to save battery, closing the application that you have on the background if you so choose at what ever idle interval you desire, something that apple will provably enable some time in the future yet will say they are innovator. It trims your memory so your phone works faster, it help maintain your battery with different stages of charging from fast charge to trickle charge when it gets close to 100%, as it care more about your battery and not weather you have a CERTIFY cable or not. But I guess I should not criticize @Rudi Lee as he does not know what he is saying, as you can not know what you are missing if you have never known it was there.
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