Evernote and Adonit Unveil the Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus

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Evernote and Adonit today introduced the Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus with the smallest stylus tip on the market measuring 1.9mm.

The Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus was designed by Adonit to feel like your favorite pen. Its refined metal finish, ribbed grip, fine point, and weighted hand balance all reflect the quality that Adonit styluses are known for.

"Adonit developed Jot Script to be the ideal stylus for taking notes. We've stripped everything away so you can just focus on capturing your ideas," said Kris Perpich, CXO at Adonit. "We partnered with Penultimate to focus on a deep integration of Jot Script into a great note taking experience. Our collaboration allowed us to step back and rethink the ideal digital note taking experience. It's going to bring back the lost art of handwriting."

In a first for any active stylus, Penultimate's digital inking features pair with Adonit's Bluetooth-enabled Pixelpoint technology for accuracy previously unattainable on any touch screen. With Penultimate's new Zoom feature, the interaction between app and stylus becomes dynamic. As the Jot Script's fine tip approaches the screen, Penultimate responds by enlarging the writing space for better visual feedback. And as the user writes, the digital paper drifts along with them mimicking the natural feeling of handwriting.

In Penultimate, notes taken with the Jot Script are saved back to the Evernote service where they instantly become searchable by keyword. Those same notes can be synced across other devices like PCs, smart phones, and tablets and easily shared with family and friends, instilling a new level of ease and utility into note taking.

The accuracy, experience, and fine point of the Jot Script Stylus are enabled by Pixelpoint technology. Combining an accelerometer and Adonit's SDK, the angle and location of the stylus tip is communicated directly via Bluetooth 4.0 to integrated apps like Penultimate. This allows the app to place the ink point exactly underneath the stylus tip at every position, creating a natural handwriting experience with guaranteed accuracy in every line, letter, and signature.

The Jot Script is powered by a standard AAA lithium battery and connects wirelessly to Penultimate via Bluetooth 4.0. It retails for $74.95 and is available to pre-order now at the link below. It's expected to ship in 3-4 weeks.

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