Developer Revenue Per Download is 5x Higher on iOS Than Android [Chart]

Developer Revenue Per Download is 5x Higher on iOS Than Android [Chart]

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Business Insider Intelligence has posted a new chart that compares the monetization of iOS vs. Android apps.

For a long time, Apple's mobile platform, iOS, blew away Google's Android in terms of developers generating revenue. Today, the gap between the two platforms is much more narrow. This chart from BI Intelligence shows where Android needs to catch up with iOS in terms of revenue.

Check out the chart below...

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Developer Revenue Per Download is 5x Higher on iOS Than Android [Chart]
Tony - November 29, 2013 at 5:44am
You think I care about that? Obviously you make more with apple, they are good with stealing and sueing people. Sorry to say apple developer account is nothing more then stupid. I had one. You need to pay 100 dollars a year (EVERY YEAR), to send apps, which needs to be approved usually 1-4 weeks if not months. And then next year if you dont pay again the $100 dollars they remove the app, that took you so much hard work to get into apple, That the most stupidest system ever. Keep in mind that Google Developer account you pay 25.00 and its lifetime, and the app is online and going in a matter of a few hours. And updating your app its also another few hours. They can take their developer account apple has and steal the money from the customers and shove it up their asses. For the profit, I dont care. I care of whats leaving my pockets rather than how much is generating. $8.33 X 12 is 100 bucks about. So every month you through out 8.33 bucks from your pocket for a year then continue for another year and so on. If your app makes 1 dollar a day for starters, you just wasted money. Use logic when you talk...
Hoeny - November 29, 2013 at 1:40pm
Pay apps or not with money it's always worth downloads due to your lack of understanding truths of who has what more then you bring "ehh but android did this more than apple" and that's like saying we should choose surface over ipad just for a removable screen even though if you want a tablet where would you put the keyboard. Microsuck misses the point like you do! Not everything needs one thing more than the other to be better, it's how everything is made and done in and out and this topic only explains the inside of any apple product. Want to see how others are doing after seeing the last platform chart with ios 7 winning, don't bother because you'll struggle digging for comebacks! Nuff said.
Hoeny - November 29, 2013 at 1:44pm
And when and how the fck are you supposed to send apps like that, where the hell do you live creating this shit up, shove your galashit up your sorry chubby ass and see if you can program it to download a samshit app for free instead of paying your £5.00, big damn deal.
ratGT - November 28, 2013 at 9:00am
No, it's that Android is mainly an eco-system of poorer average users that couldn't afford a descent smartphone, hence they can not afford purchasing apps
Tony - December 1, 2013 at 5:31pm
ratGT- You are the most stupidiest person on this forum. We all know you are the Steve wannabe guy. You think that android people cannot afford app, thats why they jailbreak, is that the reason why people are waiting for an apple jailbreak, they are going to do the exact same thing, like they did with cydia when the jailbreak is released, install cracked apps. You are very stupid. You think people waiting for a jailbreak just to change themes or customize the phone, the cydia respiratory has all the cracked apps. Most people who use iPhones are all girls and small kids, which proves the case with you. I would rather have a phone that does everything then a phone that doesnt do shit. You cannot even downgrade, what a beautiful ugly windows looking iOS7 it has, every hates the ugly design. And people cannot even downgrade. Thats how stupid the phone is, a phone needs to be like a computer, fully customizable and able to do whatever you want upgrade downgrade, install anything you want. Otherwise its like saying why buy a laptop, just go buy a chromebook to surf the net and call it a day, that chromebook is apple it can only do one thing and thats it. iPhone without a doubt is the most stupidest phone ever. With no innovation, just because its made of aluminum you guys call that the best phone please.
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