ICONIC is a Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation [Video]

ICONIC is a Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation [Video]

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If you're looking to find a holiday gift for an Apple fan, Jonathan Zufi's hardcover 'ICONIC: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation' might be just the right thing.

With a breathtaking collection of unique photography, ICONIC: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation takes the reader on a tour of the most visually stunning and important products produced by the world's most innovative company - Apple.

Follow Apple's journey through a photographic collection of their most important desktops, portables, peripherals, prototypes, iDevices (iPad, iPod and iPhone) and packaging. Created as a tribute to the army of engineers, designers, product managers, and visionaries that navigated Apple through this incredible journey, ICONIC is the ultimate coffee table book for every Apple fan, and the perfect gift for any Apple owner who ever wanted to explore and discover the true roots of their favorite iMac, iPod, iPad, or iPhone

Iconic is divided into six chapters:
● Desktops : See the most important desktop machines, from the Apple 1 to the sleek ultra-thin 2012 iMac.
● Portables : From the first Macintosh Portable that weighed in at 16 pounds, to the incredibly thin MacBook Air, see how Apple has consistently driven innovation in the portable computing industry.
● Peripherals : Did you know that Apple once made printers? Digital cameras? Joysticks? Their product range today is vastly simplified and streamlined, but this chapter lets you browse through a myriad of peripherals that Apple brought us in the early years, giving insight into their early visual and design thinking.
● iDevices : From the groundbreaking first generation iPod to the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, see how the iPod, iPad and iPhone line up have evolved over the past 10 years. (We went to print in June 2013 so we just missed the 5c and 5s ;)
● Prototypes : Stunning photography of engineering prototypes from the personal collections of Apple enthusiasts around the world that give us a glimpse into how many of Apple's products began.
● Packaging : No other company puts as much thought, attention and love into how their products are packaged. This chapter will show you why unboxing an Apple product is still a unique experience.

You can purchase ICONIC from the link below for $75.00. Check out the video for more details.

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ICONIC is a Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation [Video]

ICONIC is a Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation [Video]
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