Google is Working on New 'Chromoting' App for iOS

Google is Working on New 'Chromoting' App for iOS

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A message spotted on reveals that Google is working on Chromoting for iOS, as well as the previously reported Android version. Chromoting is a client app which lets you control your computer from a smartphone or tablet.

The message revealed that there is still a lot of visual design work that needs to be done.

As noted, the iOS version is very unpolished at this stage. The toolbar icons are all placeholder, and the background colour behind the host screen needs to be changed from blue to black. The upper toolbar for iOS (containing just the back button, so it can barely be called a toolbar), is revealed by tapping on the compass in the lower toolbar. Oyr plan is to consolidate the upper and lower toolbars into one toolbar that will likely be located in the upper section of the screen.

It also indicates that the Android version will likely ship before the iOS version as they are in different stages of development.

Google declined to offer TechCrunch any details on the app saying, “We’re always experimenting with new features in Chrome, especially in the Dev channel, but have nothing to announce at this time.”

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Google is Working on New 'Chromoting' App for iOS

Google is Working on New 'Chromoting' App for iOS
Bugged Out - January 19, 2014 at 5:19pm
Teamviewer is the best remote control app around, period stop. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Easily gets around firewalls. Free for personal use.
Wee Willy Spunker - January 18, 2014 at 11:29pm
Log me in already does that quite well. And it's free. And has a chrome add on. And it controls mac and pc and linux. Waste of time.
John S - January 18, 2014 at 3:26pm
Seriously, why would I want to control a Chrome browser from IOS? I have a Chromebook yet their is nothing I want to control on it from a remote location. Considering everything is stored in the Google Drive cloud. Can't you already access that information from the Google Drive app or Chrome browser?
Ed C - January 18, 2014 at 10:58pm
Sorry dude... you're wrong. The app is like Windows Remote Desktop. The article does not say anything regarding this only controlling a chrome browser. This is useful for interacting with a full computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) to control programs and other functions that maybe only that computer can do. I can definitely see this being relevant for people working on servers from there personal tablet, etc.