New Tweak Enables Guest Mode on iOS 7 Devices

New Tweak Enables Guest Mode on iOS 7 Devices

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GuestMode is a new tweak from Ian Burns that lets you enable a guest mode on your iOS 7 device.

GuestMode gives you the ability to share your device freely and still protect your privacy. Let the kids play games on your device without worrying about them looking at your messages/calling people. Let your friends control your music, but not snoop through your photos or Safari tabs. You choose exactly which apps are accessible and which ones aren’t.

Multiple ways of enabling GuestMode including:
* Guest button on Lockscreen keypad
* Swipe left on Lockscreen
* Swipe right past passcode on Lockscreen
* Guest Passcode
* Activator gesture at Lockscreen

The tweak is compatible with all iOS 7 devices and can be configured from the You can purchase it from the Cydia Store for $0.99.

New Tweak Enables Guest Mode on iOS 7 DevicesNew Tweak Enables Guest Mode on iOS 7 Devices

New Tweak Enables Guest Mode on iOS 7 DevicesNew Tweak Enables Guest Mode on iOS 7 Devices
ernot sanes - February 10, 2014 at 1:01pm
Does anybody know where the app icons (messages, spotify, settings) in the multitasking screenshot come from? They have a bit of the nokia lumia shape.
odedo2 - February 9, 2014 at 12:29pm
I am guessing it's a way to bypass anything even for hackers (unless guest mode gives you the option to sign in your account to change things).
Fathers - February 9, 2014 at 10:39am
this tweak is a saviour. The first think you may use to distract your littel child is your phone. Now you can share your iphone w/t interrupting his joy every 2 min, to check if somthing was deleted
Vueapp - February 9, 2014 at 8:44am
Good for cheaters. Hiding specific apps.
Vueapp - February 9, 2014 at 9:29am
Correction. It doesn't hide but shade out the apps. I hope they update so the apps don't even show. Apple needs this guest feature normally. People lend phones and privacy is key. The smartphone is the new PC. Another interesting thing. It bypass the exchange unlock feature. For people with corporate emails, you might want to select a number combo and then enable all your usual apps. This allows the user to use a number combo. Easier to remember. In guest mode the settings is locked with no ability to enable. Probably to protect the tweak from being disabled. And of course you could not enable email to still protect your corporate emails in guest mode but have your normal phone functions. Again apple needs to enable this feature in the future. Two pass code allowing two user settings. Each passcode being a profile like home and work. For 5s users especially jailbreak ones with app lockers like bio protect doesn't need this tweak. You can fingerprint lock every app or folder making your private phone apps protected. Even iPhone 5 people can use an app locker. Only when this tweak hides the apps then it has an advantage.
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