Apple is Now Selling Refurbished Retina Display iPad Minis for $339

Apple is Now Selling Refurbished Retina Display iPad Minis for $339

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Apple has begun selling refurbished iPad minis with Retina display starting at $339.

The device was first released in October 2013, starting at $399. Buying the refurbished model saves you $60 on the 16GB Wi-Fi version. The 32GB Wi-Fi version is discounted from $499 to $419, a savings of $80 and the 64GB Wi-Fi version is discounted from $599 to $509, savings of $90.

Currently there are no cellular versions listed in Apple's Refurbished Store. Hit the link to check availability.

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Apple is Now Selling Refurbished Retina Display iPad Minis for $339
Rotten Apple - April 19, 2014 at 3:10pm
Maybe it's just the whole inventory that had to be refurbished, and apple never wants to loose. normally the same brand don't sell the refurbished items, they go to third party stores on a brown box, and usually sales for have the price or less. for instance a $100 Epson printer I bought for $20 on a brown box, meaning it was refurbished, and that was probably the real cost of it, at least they don't loos much. But apple don't want to loose any at all..
Fresh Apple - April 19, 2014 at 3:19pm
Maybe it's the whole inventory that taken care with love that many would do especially me, why would Apple ever "lose" (misspelled that word you're welcome) like it's that kind of competition? They ship to any store selling them in white boxes, and sales depend on how superior the product is until they make way for new ones by lowering price then so forth. Apple would never lose to that at all. Quibids bids for a product more or less, but I am happy either way I buy and earn it.
Fukran John - April 17, 2014 at 3:27pm
lol. This is what I said exactly yesterday and now they proved it again. They were selling 8GB model for 50 euro less compare to 16GB model. Now selling scarp refurbished shit for 60 to 90$ less. They know all these iSheeps are stupid and blind and they could feed them with anything even $hit well packed and priced. Who's on this earth would go for 60$ less for non-working / repaired or refunded / returned / RMA while they can buy a new one for almost nil difference. Greedy and iSheeps are here to support. I am sure soon they would sell iPad and iPhone cover (box) alone for 100 bucks and blind iSheeps would buy the same thinking they should support their A$$
J.S - April 17, 2014 at 3:33pm
Sorry you cant afford it mate , even with the discounts , hopefully you can save money to buy you one. As always have a great day :D
Fukran John - April 17, 2014 at 3:54pm
Yes you are right. Even if I can afford, I would donate that money to some charity other than spending for scrap refurbished iShit and make those greedy shit heads rich
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