Plane Evacuated in Tel-Aviv After iPhone Catches Fire

Plane Evacuated in Tel-Aviv After iPhone Catches Fire

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A plane destined for Prague, Czech Republic from Tel-Aviv, Israel was evacuated during boarding after an iPhone spontaneously caught fire in a passenger's handbag, reports AndroidPortal.

Given the location, the incident caused some panic amongst passengers leading the crew to evacuate everyone to the main terminal building. Apparently, smoke from the device spread through the whole plane and few people knew what was really happening.

The phone belonged to Yarden Leviovej. Her father told Nova TV, "My daughter opened her purse, from which we saw the flames and the heat radiating from it." [Translation]

After the device was inspected, passengers were able to board again; however, Yarden had to leave her iPhone behind.

There have been a few incidents in the past with Apple devices catching fire. Late last year, customers were evacuated from a Vodafone store in Canberra, Australia after a demo iPad unit exploded. Also, a Chinese woman nearly lost her eyesight after her iPhone 5 exploded in her hand. However, most problems of this type have been attributed to third party chargers or damaged devices.

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Plane Evacuated in Tel-Aviv After iPhone Catches Fire

Plane Evacuated in Tel-Aviv After iPhone Catches Fire
MaKI - August 20, 2014 at 9:39pm
Dear, if you need relevant information, there is nothing easier than to ask people directly. In this stupid world full of silly social networks, you should find someone who tells you the truth. Do not rely on the media which inform you about the truths which they create themselves. They are telling us for last 15 years that diesel is much better than petrol. Everyone is using diesel. They are telling us last 3 years that Android is better than everything else. Everyone is using Android. If they are going to tell you that Microsoft is best you can buy are you going to do it tomorrow? Do you know truth about Ukraine? Do you know truth about Russia? Do you know what is exactly happening in Ferguson. Why you are not asking people who are living there? Why we are reading this shit? I guess it is time to stop reading. And start to communicate more, because otherwise we are all sheep. We just need to study what they want, we just need to earn money, pay taxes, and die. iPhones are just the toys to satisfy our needs, and Androids and everything from google are just things which are going to take us under control. Nothing else nothing more. Wake up!
MaKI - August 20, 2014 at 8:18pm
Reports android portal.... STOP.
MaKI - August 20, 2014 at 8:22pm
Btw, I'm from Czech republic. There is no evidence, except to "Slovak ANDROID PORTAL"... Don't trust media today! ....
MaKI - August 20, 2014 at 8:53pm
Do not trust reports from Czech republic regarding Apple, please (neither those from Android forums which are from Slovak republic - interestingly reporting problem for plane which should land in Prague LOL). Those are stupid reports, we are country (Czechs and Slovaks), where our income is so low, that majority of people cannot afford iPhones, neither iPads, so many people here are using Androids, why, it is obvious, Android = CHEAP !!! it was, it is and always will be. If you count iPhone which can be bought in Czech or Slovak republic it is something like 800Euros for 32GB. We do not have chance like Americans to buy it for 199 $ with contract. 800 Euros means 22.000 CZK = 1.5 more than average monthly salary. Most of our medias are only reporting about any Apple products (not only iPhones) in negative way, in opposite to every Ťamťung (how apple fans here call Samsung) ... which cost from 1.500CZK (55Euros = 75$) to 10.000CZK (363Euros = 500$) which is TWO TIMES LESS THAN iPhone price ... There are almost no developers to be developing iOS Apps (why? Cause you need MacOS which is also expensive). So make your own opinion based on this information I do not care... In last two years I've been watching news on servers like or or, or These servers are oriented to Czech people, our reviews are mostly focused to facts which do not matter at all. Because these geeks still things that in these days is important to have SDCard (which is actually 100x slower than NAND chip inside phone) and many other non-functional things in Android, which cannot be used here like in many countries, NFC (what?) SIRI? What? 4G network ala LTE, WHAT(This network is available only in BRNO, PRAGUE, nowhere else. So why to bother to buy new toys when you cannot use them. Please be careful with your comments. You don't have idea! I'm not saying Android is bad, and not saying Apple is perfect. But I do not trust our media anymore. Those are written by people who can understand English FOR people who don't understand English and speak only Czech and they only now SEZNAM.CZ... That's why opinion is different, most of toys these days are coming from China. Don't ask me why. Since Huaway is 10x cheaper, i do not know and I do not care. What is more embarrassing is the fact that most of Europe is oriented in this way. Europe is not going to buy expensive Apple products. They think Android is offering more for less price. Might be true, my "own" opinion is, that most of people even don't know how to use it so they are not using it. But they have it and it's why they have better equipment than iSheeps right? :( Stupid world!
MaKI - August 20, 2014 at 9:09pm
And since there is 3rd or second article written in last few months based on information coming from Czech or Slovak republic i would assume that one of the publishers on must have some relations there. Otherwise it is not possible that someone from (which is registered to London) would have such an info coming from totally unknown and irrelevant source even for Czech inhabitants. Sorry guys. I'm glad I can publish my comments here. But you must be czech or slovak living in UK. Publishing this shit without any confirmation or proof of evidence NOVA.CZ, And slovak android forum are not and never were relevant sources. Right.
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