Yohann is a Beautifully Minimalist Stand for iPad [Video]

Yohann is a Beautifully Minimalist Stand for iPad [Video]

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Yohann is a new, beautifully minimalist, stand for your iPad that offers a unique combination of high functionality and intuitive use. It's currently seeking funding on Kickstarter but has already surpassed its funding goal. The stand was designed by Swiss architect Berend Frenzel.

YOHANN is the perfect complement for your iPad and provides multiple options for how you want to position the product according to what you are doing around the house or in the office. YOHANN is lightweight and goes wherever you go. Use it anywhere and if you choose to leave it behind, YOHANN remains as a beautiful object on your desk or your nightstand.

The stand goes through three steps of production. First the blanks are milled in the Italian Alps, close to Switzerland. Second, sanding and polishing is done by a traditional wood manufacturer based in the black forrest in Germany. Finally, the finishing oiling and waxing will be made by a workshop for disabled people also based in the black forrest. It takes 10 hours to precisely mill YOHANN from a single piece of wood. Then, YOHANN is carefully sanded, polished, oiled and waxed by hand.

● 6 POSITIONS - YOHANN presents the iPad in six different positions (three angles in landscape and three in portrait view) and enhaces comfort and usability.
● SOFT SURFACES - YOHANN is stable on soft surfaces like your bed, couch, lawn or on your lap.

● EASY TO USE - As a one-piece construction YOHANN is very easy to use.

● REDUCED - YOHANN ‘steps back’ behind the iPad to allow you to see its entire design. YOHANN is designed to be as thin and elegant as possible.

● SUSTAINABILITY - All production steps for YOHANN are made by manufacturers nearby. This way we support small regional businesses and minimize environmental impact.
● RECYCLING - Products and packaging have been reduced to the minimum required.
● QUALITY - Made in Germany and Italy.

YOHANN will be available in four beautiful wood types: Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Walnut. In addition, there's a high quality piano lacquer in black and white.

A pledge of $69 currently gets you a white or black model. A pledge of $149 is currently needed for a wood model.

Take a look at the video below for more details...

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Yohann is a Beautifully Minimalist Stand for iPad [Video]

Yohann is a Beautifully Minimalist Stand for iPad [Video]

Yohann is a Beautifully Minimalist Stand for iPad [Video]

Yohann is a Beautifully Minimalist Stand for iPad [Video]
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