Samsung's Answer to the Apple Watch Digital Crown is a Rotating Bezel [Images]

Samsung's Answer to the Apple Watch Digital Crown is a Rotating Bezel [Images]

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Samsung has revealed its answer to the Apple Watch digital crown and it's a rotating bezel.

The company is urging developers to 'Get Ready for the Next Gear' and encouraging them to sign up for the Samsung Gear SDK Early Access Program.

"We are collaborating with our global partners to provide a better Samsung Gear experience for users. We welcome more developers to join us on this journey. "

Samsung's Answer to the Apple Watch Digital Crown is a Rotating Bezel [Images]

Signing up provides developers with access to a new Tizen SDK that will let them build "richer and differentiated apps for the next generation Gear device".

TizenExperts discovered that within the documentation, Samsung reveals its plan to use a rotating bezel for navigation.

The documentation does confirm a rotating bezel as an option on the Next Gear devices as part of the user interface for page navigation and device control. Users will now not be required to keep repeatedly swiping on the screen to get to the pages, or tapping multiple times to adjust setting values, instead they can rotate the outer bezel until they get the desired result.

You can see the functionality demonstrated in the images below. Let us know what you think in the comments. Do you prefer Apple's Digital Crown or would you prefer Samsung's rotating bezel?

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Samsung's Answer to the Apple Watch Digital Crown is a Rotating Bezel [Images]

Samsung's Answer to the Apple Watch Digital Crown is a Rotating Bezel [Images]
Baabaaabaaabaaa - May 13, 2015 at 10:50pm
So many stupid sheep here!!!
Forrest - May 13, 2015 at 10:23pm
I remember the first time apple introduced the apple watch I was reading on iclarified's live blog about the key note, I was surprised how challenging was to create a whole new system for this special device and they came up with a brilliant idea, designing the UI, and giving it the feel like looking under the magnifier, then the digital crown was like a big disappointment to me, right after the key note I sent an email to Tim cook complaining about the crown and the square shape of the watch, I also suggested that the watch should look round and instead of the crown I explained the idea exactly like what Samsung is making , I think this is going to be more practical and more futuristic in design and feel, it'll be more easy to grab and use for both hands, I'd say it'll be a nice smart watch.
ykh - May 14, 2015 at 7:50am
operating a rotating bezel can sometimes cover the screen and have you thought of fatigue in your right arm while using this bezel? frankly I'm very interested to see how the bezel will work but I really doubt it's better than the crown. also keep in mind that apple considered a rotating bezel at one point but decided to scrap it for some reason.
monkUsa - May 13, 2015 at 6:45am
F* u all (Android and iOS lovers/haters). Just accept the fact that each company imitates and copies one another. Samsung might not get the following that Apple does, but it does create competition and compels competitors (not just Apple, but also other phone manufacturers) to adjust their next device iteration. Obviously, Apple plays a bigger part in directing the future of our technology. Feel blessed that someone is attempting the rotating bezel on a smart watch. If it works, GREAT! If it doesn't work, then other companies can shelve the idea and thank Samsung for saving them R&D dollars. So, stop bickering and enjoy the ideas and advances that any company makes. And yes, I have a Samsung Note 3 as my main phone, an iPhone 5 as my secondary phone. Along with an iPad and iMac.
JulianHernandez - May 13, 2015 at 1:41pm
You my friend are a true techie. You give credit where it goes and are not a fanboy. You are one of my kind. We are a rare species ;)
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