Bragi OS Update Lets You Control Your Dash Earbuds With a Tap on the Cheek [Video]

Bragi OS Update Lets You Control Your Dash Earbuds With a Tap on the Cheek [Video]

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Bragi has announced an upcoming software update that will let users control their wireless Bragi Dash earphones without touching them.

Bragi OS 2.2 is set for release on November 21st and includes several significant updates. Most notable is the introduction of KUI, Bragi's Kinetic User Interface. This allows users to control their device without touching it. For example, you can accept calls by nodding up and down, activate Siri or Google Now with the tap of a cheek, and change the song by touching one's face. Bragi is calling this 'MyTap'.

“The Bragi Kinetic User Interface (KUI) is a technology that turns your body and movements into the interface for operating Bragi products. For example, answering a phone call by nodding your head, or tapping your cheek to access the smartphone voice assistant,” says Bragi Founder Nikolaj Hviid

“The Dash was envisioned as a platform offering a lot of hardware capabilities, but not all of this hardware was used from the beginning. Over time, we can let the software grow and enable more features,” notes David Dohmen, Sensorics & Data Science at Bragi

Bragi OS Update Lets You Control Your Dash Earbuds With a Tap on the Cheek [Video]

What's New in Bragi OS 2.2
● Your body becomes the device with MyTap BETA, the first opportunity to experience Bragi’s Kinetic User Interface (KUI).
● Windshield marks the next step in audio transparency. Listen to your music and hear your surroundings, even in the gustiest of conditions.
● Enjoy improved voice quality during phone calls thanks to Knowles Versant 1.1 Technology.
● Improved Heart Rate Measurements, specifically with cold weather in mind.
● Upgraded Bluetooth Capabilities for many.

You can purchase the Bragi Dash earbuds from the link below for $280. You can also find them in the Audio & Music section of the iClarified Store.

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Bragi OS Update Lets You Control Your Dash Earbuds With a Tap on the Cheek [Video]
Vida - November 3, 2016 at 6:50pm
Over price.
joshWUa - November 3, 2016 at 5:23pm
Expensive but looks like it's worth the price. Apple AirPod killers right here. Unless it doesn't have its own charging case then I take the killer part back.
_ - November 3, 2016 at 7:34pm
Unless it doesn't sound as good, I won't consider this and I don't think it mentioned a thing about the airpods case, plus imagine how people react to the way you do these in public.
wurtz - November 3, 2016 at 10:30pm
Agree that sound quality is the most important criteria. But that also goes with the airpods. Can't wait to try them but I'm hoping they sound worlds better than all previous EarPods because EarPods are awful.
_ - November 3, 2016 at 10:50pm
I actually love the EarPods like I missed out on them a bit too much until I finally managed to get a 5s with them and they are still to this day (since early 2014) doing good as new and I never heard any crystal clear sound like this compared to $5-$10 earbuds.