Snapchat Releases Lens Studio App for Mac and Windows [Video]

Snapchat Releases Lens Studio App for Mac and Windows [Video]

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Snapchat has announced the release of Lens Studio, an app for Mac and Windows that lets you create Snapchat Lenses.

Lens Studio is a free desktop app for Mac and Windows with easy to use guides and tools that students, creatives, and developers alike can use to bring their creations to life. Whether you’re just starting to dabble in 2D animation or are a professional artist interested in creating your own experiences, Lens Studio makes sharing your creation with the world fast and fun!

After creating a Lens, you will get a scanable Snapcode that you can use to share your Lens.

"With the launch of Lens Studio, we’re excited to make Lenses more accessible to creators, and experiences within Snapchat more personal and diverse. We’ve seen how much more fun Geofilters have become since first inviting the community to create their own three years ago — and can’t wait to see what you build with Lens Studio!"

Take a look at the video below for an overview of Snapchat Lens Studio. You can download the application from the link below...

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Snapchat Releases Lens Studio App for Mac and Windows [Video]
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"With the dispatch of Lens Studio, we're eager to make Lenses more available to makers, and encounters inside Snapchat more individual and various. We've perceived the amount more fun Geofilters have progressed toward becoming since first welcoming the group to make their own three years prior — and can hardly wait to perceive what you work with Lens Studio!" Web Source: Write my Essay for me +
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