Canary Cameras to Get Free Person Detection Update [Video]

Canary Cameras to Get Free Person Detection Update [Video]

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Canary has announced that Person Detection is coming to all Canary and Canary Flex devices.

Already in production testing, this transformative new feature will give you up-to-the-minute, impactful information about your home, powered by artificial intelligence and will allow you to act immediately if something’s wrong. Unlike our competitors in the space, we’ll be providing this AI-powered feature to all users, free of charge.

How It Works
Person Detection uses machine learning to accurately identify people within your Canary video, sending you specific person alerts when a human is detected by your Canary or Canary Flex, while still sending regular motion alerts for non-human activity.

While some people want to know everything that happens at home (making sure their dog is enjoying her daily sniff around the kitchen), knowing when a person is in your home is a crucial piece of security information that we think you should know about immediately. When Person Detection launches, you’ll be able to customize your notifications and decide whether you want to only receive alerts when a person is detected, or receive notifications for everything that goes on in your environment.

Canary Cameras to Get Free Person Detection Update [Video]

Person Detection is set to launch early next year. Please follow iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or RSS for updates.

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Canary Cameras to Get Free Person Detection Update [Video]
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