Apple in Talks With Chinese Telecoms to Reduce Spam

Apple in Talks With Chinese Telecoms to Reduce Spam

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Apple has confirmed that it is in talks with Chinese telecom firms to find ways to reduce spam that is received via Messages, reports Reuters.

The Chinese state media targeted Apple over the past week with the official state broadcaster airing a 30-minute special report on Tuesday claiming that Apple is allowing illegal content on its platform such as gambling apps.

“We are in touch with domestic telco companies to see what additional steps could be taken to reduce this inconvenience,” an Apple spokeswoman told Reuters on Thursday.

“We are currently working on additional ways to further reduce it, including more advanced machine learning models to identify it and more tools to block fraudulent accounts,” the Apple spokeswoman said.

Criticism of Apple comes as Chinese regulators have launched a new campaign to prevent spam and unsolicited calls, a major issue in China where phone numbers are often sold on black markets.

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Apple in Talks With Chinese Telecoms to Reduce Spam
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