IPHONE 3GS 8 GB BRicked Help

Asked June 29, 2013 at 12:49pm by moosa2013 | 1135 views | Mark as Spam
I think my 3gs is bricked due to up gradation to ios 6 now i have a 3gs on ios 6.1.3 threatened jailbreak with Custom IPSW Made with Sn0wbreeze it opens my 3gs with i booty . that works for one day (no wifi,Bluetooth,sim,camera) and now i am totally stuck on apple logo i am unable to restore to 4.1 nor 6.1.3(Apple Ones) i am willing to use my 3gs as I pod Please help me making my 3gs AS IPOD :D Dear users i had got a locked iPhone 3gs running on ios 4.xx i was trying to unlock it but some thing happen strange and now i am unable to restore my 3gs used all the firmware getting different errors like error 1611 , 1604 , 1601 , 21 ,3194 also my cellphone is not switching on and looks like this please help if it can be solved by my own... Machine Model: iPhone2,1 Name: iPhone 3GS ModelCode: iphone_3gs Family name: A1303 Model Number: MC555 Group1: iPhone Group2: Generation: 3 CPU speed: 600MHz Screen size: 3.5 inch Screen resolution: 320x480 pixels Colour: Black Production year: 2011 Production week: 33 (August) Production number: 300 (within this week) Model introduced: 2009 Capacity: 8GB Memory - flavour: xx Factory: 86 (China) REGARDS MOOSA ASLAM
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