Iphone 3gs 32gb ,ios 6.1 , baseband 5.16.08

Asked February 13, 2013 at 2:46am by Raxa22 | 5117 views | Mark as Spam
Ive got an Iphone 3gs 32gb ,ios 6.1 with baseband 5.16.08 it was purchased from Doha , Qatar . At first it had ios 4.1 and baseband 5.14.02 , now i live in india and the iphone never left the emergency mode i tried to jailbreak and i think it sucessfully happened because it left the emergency mode but i could not unlock it as i was told i had a unlucky baseband (5.14.02) now by itunes i updated my iphone and now it runs on ios 6.1 and baseband 5.16.08 and now it doesnt leave emergency mode i want to unlock and jailbreak it . Please Help
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placed - October 17, 2013 at 12:31pm
To jailbreak use http://jailbreakiphone4sim.com/ and to permanently unlock the iPhone 3GS use the remote unlock service from Simpleunlocking.com wherein you need to specify the country,locked network and based on the availability get the unlock service.
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