"Martin is a talented designer, but after I've had some weeks with my iPhone X all I can add is: HELL NO!!! The premium feeling it gives, so goddamn beautiful phone and it's a huge step back."
Robert Harlan
"Not a chance! I love my iPhone X and wouldn’t ever settle for a cheap knockoff! My 10 is so perfect that my son actually bought one this weekend. "
"That’s why you got to and get your devices software restore before it becomes unsigned. Just some advice for next time!"
"Lol I thought 11.2.1 was the one that had a jailbreak. Haha I’m dyslexic or just forgetful. Maybe I knew this whole time it was 11.1.2 and I’m just fooling myself. Oh well I keep IPSW files around for everything nowadays because you never know when you might need to downgrade for something."
"Me too. The X is nice but honestly it's pretty heavy and just a touch too large in my opinion. I also don't like the glass back - prefer the anodized aluminum. The iPhone 7s is best for size, price and performance to me. Of the iPhone SE which is great if you want smaller but still good performance."
"Of course there could be a cheaper version. This looks good to me. In 5 years the X will have depreciated to pennies. People who are obsessed with the current phone are blind to the fact that everything becomes obsolete eventually. And faster than ever in this day in age."
"Lol. Me too actually. "
"There goes the hopes to jailbreak anything "
Steve Toabbo
"ugly AF "
Hope 2
"Nice imagination but it is not possible to have a cheaper version. "
"I was wondering how to put my iPhone into DFU. What about the review of The Stress-Free Golf Swing?"
Posted May 2, 2008 at 9:01pm
"a1367 update cannot be found"
Posted September 19, 2017 at 5:06pm
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