"There are all kinds of patents for things that are not commercially viable, or even technologically possible yet. I know it sounds exciting, but pulling electricity out of the air is far far away in the future. If you read articles on this subject, you will learn."
"I feel like someone is just cutting random CNC's out and calling them leaks. This will be the biggest troll ever. "
"Speculation leads to mastubation "
"Звоните: +7904-391-19-44, пишите: и сайт: …Мы предложили им создание современных, красивых и продающих сайтов в Нижнем Новгороде по разумным ценам. разработку сайтов визиток, интернет-магазинов, landing page, каталогов и любых других видов. мы создали отличный сайт для мебельного бизнеса и раскрутили его в топ. гарантируя точные сроки, стабильные и удобные cms, никаких дополнительных платежей."
"Have you tried the Cesium player app? It's quite similar to the iOS 6 music app, but with the newer features like up next."
"they moved the camera to the right side?? or they moved the volume buttons?"
"Banks are nothing more than a bunch of criminals laundering drugs money, backing up governments with their highly questionable activities, etc. About time someone's taking on them."
"As time moves on, leaks will be closer to real or actually legit pics/schematics. Looking forward to know more :)"
"That's a lot of bald guys. "
"It's true, Apple is playing catchup in a lot of areas, just take the last 2 posts on here, they're trying to compete with the Echo and now the car, it's like being first is not important to them, as long as they do it best."
"Buddy has his hand on the wheel like he's driving....probabnly google car"
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