"@MUKAI. This dude is always critical of everything apple. Yet he still lives in his mom's basement and gets pocket money from his mom's 5th husband "
"first impression, i thought wtf is that iphone6? then i saw the back vertical camera, oh it looks like one of the android phones camera design that existed over 5 yrs ago"
apple for you
"my friends said i look gay with apple watch"
i love apple
"yeah switch to your $1000 phone and no headphone jack. my $100 android phone comes with headphone jack. apple is trying hard and use every cheap tricks to get android users to switch."
fan of apple
"that vertical camera makes the phone looks like a $100 android phone, the rest of the design look like iphone6. apple need to sack the current design team if you want to catch up with Samsung phones"
"apple still has along way to go to catch up with samsung phones design, just look at their Galaxy S8 it is from the future"
apple fan boy
"apple stop copying and making your phones bigger, you ain't Samsung"
"I'm going to suck mad quantities of dick to save for a new phone "
"You should adjust the headline to the article. The plural form of iPhone is iPhones. There is no apostrophe in the plural form. Perhaps learn proper grammar. "
"I do like it lots. "
"It's fine. I just think they twisted it so they can make new cases and accessories and everyone else makes more money. "
"They can add all the performance that want. It won't matter. It still runs on a Windows platform, which is so inferior to iOS that it will always lose out to an iPad of any sort."
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