"Another reason to hate the newer iPhone models!"
"Lol what else do you want a phone to do? Suck your tiny dick? Ha. I don't need anything else or a gimmick that won't last. Just STFU. "
Posted February 23, 2017 at 3:10pm
"and +60 smasung crapware, +70 samsung specific bugs"
Posted February 23, 2017 at 3:10pm
"He says he remembers Steve Jobs but apparently he forgot about the MagSafe adapter and the ecosystem that Apple was creating where he would not have put all USB Type-C ports on a new computer when a brand-new iPhone comes out one month prior that can't even connect to the computer. Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave."
"Got mine at launch, only time I see those marks are when I spray the screen and leave it on there. Once I use a cleaning cloth, it goes away, with or without a liquid. "
Wil it blend?
"Don't breathe this!"
"Fakes! Sam is trying to moc iP"
"Scammers for sure. I work with iPhones. Only thing could've been the charger they used and where they used it. Could have used the wrong charging adapter over seas"
"If the shut the issue persists have them replace your battery. If your iPhone 6 or 6S is experiencing the issue contact Apple Care and let them know that you're experiencing the same issue as stated for the "selected few iPhones 6S" that are having the problem. You will be given a CS code and you can have your iPhone repaired for free. Do not let them replace your iPhone because you might get a phone with one of the old batteries. So have them replace your iPhones battery instead. "
"After market phone case not letting the phone breath that's what they will come up with "
"That's what happens when you put it in the microwave"
"The battery manufacture to blame"
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