"the reason I love Mac is drag n drop and this is like 1% of how much you can drag on a Mac, hope I can soon jump onto the ARM-wagon"
"Work from home. TOP 5 projektS 2017. Работа для мам, мамам, для пенсионеров. Jobs moms, jobs USA, jobs NY"
"That woman's got a new Apple Watch on. Looks thinner and the band goes in lower"
Play nice...
"Hey... it's not iCloud, it's carrier related. And right now, it's available already for both AT&T and T-Mobile. But NOT on multiple phones, only one phone and multiple iDevices (iPad, iPod Touch, etc.) on the same iCloud account with WiFi Calling enabled.. Being able to do it on multiple phones, independently of the iCloud account, is interesting. Don't call people idiots, play nice and inform instead."
"All I wonder is where you guys get your news. Pretty sure I know where that is and I'm not talking about this site."
"Damn... When Apple starts naming its chips as 'T-*insert any number here' we're basically dead. The machines are coming with a vengeance :P"
"It's the perfect chance to have a customizable activator-like shortcuts based on gestures. The iPhone 7 didn't have a physical Home button already so it's ok."
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"had the same issue.. tried multiple times, any response ? resoulution?"
Posted August 16, 2008 at 4:13pm
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