"I've used the headphone jack for the longest time and to be honest, it had the pros and cons while it lasted, but I look forward to a wireless future like abolishing the jack was meant to do, and now I can sell me speakers knowing that I have a stereo iPhone now, and airpods are pretty much worth it. What made me look forward to all this even more is that nevermind the jack is 100+ years old, but like most Mac ports, there's no reason not to get rid of it. I have had to deal with headphones that either didn't have a remote or it wouldn't work at all which meant pulling my phone out when sitting down and when doing so, the wires start to fray because of how tight the space is between me and the pocket when I didn't try to end the phone while doing so, and I sometimes drop my phone tugging the cord when it dangle and it kind of hurts, and all that wraveling back the cord in the EarPods case, the list goes on. Long story short, AirPods is worth the money."
George Li
"I thought Nokia phone has this feature long time ago."
Rain Man
"We all kno Incognito mode is for watching porn. "
"That's probably an error on Amazon's part. Amazon is currently listing it for $199 discounted from $249; however, the MSRP in the press release and on Honeywell's site is $149. Perhaps contact Amazon's support."
"Same shit always"
Posted September 26, 2016 at 11:03pm
"Share via bluetooth? On iphone? To android?"
Huh this is sad
"Up to 71% off..... One item"
Dee How
"Really upset. Allergic reaction getting worse "
Rick fayad
"When I click the link it takes me to amazon but it shows the price as $249 and this article says $149 Am I missing something? "
"Garbage that doesn't even sell that's why it's discounted "
"He's poking fun at that new trendy song Pen pineapple apple pen....look it up in YouTube. Is it catchy? yes! "
Posted September 26, 2016 at 11:03pm
"Yes, it's not likely to come back. However, it's very different than the other cases, because with them the removed items were either not that beneficial to most people or had significant downsides to being included. It's not true here, there's little benefit to removing the port and it's widely used. Personally, I have an iPhone 6 which I'm happy with for now, but I probably would have upgraded if the 7 had a headphone jack. I won't be buying a phone without a headphone jack in the future and I'm not buying Airpods now because my next phone may not be an iPhone."
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